USPS Hiring 40,000 Seasonal Jobs for Winter 2021

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As more and more people shop online, the shipment of packages in the air and on the road intensifies. (It’s not just Amazon trucks!) You might have already gotten a glimpse of delayed delivery with your own purchases as postal offices nationwide are experiencing staffing shortages.

If there are delays now, imagine what it’d be like when the holiday season approaches. In fact, there are already articles mentioning that people should be shopping for holiday gifts now due to backed-up shipping channels and the bottleneck of supply.

USPS Seeking 40,000+ Hires

To get ahead of their busiest season, the USPS is hiring nationwide for this winter. They’re looking for 40,000+ new hires to be city and rural mail carriers, mail handlers, drivers, and more.

Applicants can search for their state and open positions at the USPS Career page. They’re also hosting 58 jobs fairs in select cities across the country for immediate opportunities. (My USPS site automatically detected I was in California so it may be the same for you)

Some requirements include:

  • Being age 18+ at time of the appointment or 16 with a high school diploma
  • Passing a criminal background check, drug screening, and medical assessment
  • Being a U.S. Citizen, permanent resident, or citizen of American Samoa or other U.S. Territory.

They Encourage Multiple Job Applications

You don’t have to restrict yourself to applying for one position. Apply to as many as you’d like!

And note that applications and any exams are completely free so be wary of sites that charge anything as it means they’re not official. The only way to apply for USPS jobs is via their eCareers system, and new jobs are posted daily.

  1. Create a Candidate profile
  2. Apply to open positions (your progress will be saved and you’ll get to see your application statuses)
  3. And if necessary, take an assessment (applicable to only some positions)

Seasonal Worker Testimonials

What’s it really like to work for the USPS during this busy season? You can head to Indeed to check out some reviews and we’ve pulled some here:

“If you like being on the move & can handle continual lifting of packages of varying weights it’s a great job, but if you have any difficulty with lifting, or being on your feet 8 + hours a day at times, it’s not the best fit.” – Seasonal Holiday Clerk Assistant

“Great pay, bosses want you to succeed. Teamwork is essential. This was a seasonal job and I really enjoyed it. The work is hard but fulfilling. I would do it again.” – Seasonal Clerk Assistant

“Nice extra income” – Temporary Christmas Help

“If you are hired for a casual or holiday position you will be working 12 hrs daily” – Mail handler

“Good job, just a lot of work at a hectic pace” – Seasonal Driver / Preloader

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