Stash is Giving Away Money for Banking Your Tax Refund

An illustration of a U.S. tax refund for $3305
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How would you like an extra $1,500 on top of your tax return? Stash, an investing app, is offering just that. All you need is a Stash banking account and your tax refund deposit there to be eligible for the sweepstakes.

Here’s what you need to know about Stash and how to throw your hat in the ring for one of three $1,500 prizes.

How Stash Works

Stash is primarily a micro-investing app that aims to guide you in picking investments in ETFs and individual stocks. The platform grants access to over 1,800 single stocks and ETFs.

Stash can be great for investors who want more control over their portfolios than robo-advisors offer but need hands-on assistance. Users can also buy fractional shares of popular companies such as Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Facebook, and more without spending thousands of dollars.

The Stash Growth Plan starts at $3.00 (the first month is free) and includes an Investment account, a no-hidden fees bank account, and access to Smart Portfolio, which provides hands-free investing. Although investing is the app’s primary tool, you’ll need their bank account for a chance to win the $1,500 sweepstakes.

How to Enter the Sweepstakes 

Once you have an account, getting set up for the sweepstakes is easy. All you need to do is navigate to the “Spend” tab in the app and click on the settings gear.

There, you’ll see your account and routing numbers. Pass those numbers to your tax preparer, or if you’re filing on your own, just input the account and routing numbers on your taxes. That way, your tax refund will be rerouted to your account.

If you haven’t received your federal tax return, you’ll automatically qualify for the Stash Your Tax Refund 2023 sweepstakes as soon as the return or deposit hits your account. The sweepstakes run through June 30th, 2023; three winners will be notified about ten days after.

Good luck! For official rules and fine print, head here.

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