Stop Fighting Over The Bill: How The Tab App Makes Life Simpler

Think about the last time you went to dinner with your friends.

After a few hours of enjoying some good grub with friends, your server brings your bill. Then starts that awkward moment calculating who owes what, how much you need to tip, or even having to spot someone because they’re short.

If you’re lucky, everyone pays for their own stuff, and that’s it. But what if you paid with one card or someone left early and forgot to pay?

Thanks to Tab, those days are long gone. This trusty app is a game-changer if you constantly face the dilemma of dividing expenses among friends or family.

Let’s dive into how it’s changing the way we manage shared costs and making our lives simpler!

What Is The Tab App?

The Tab app is a financial tool designed to take the hassle out of splitting bills. Whether it’s Sunday dinner or a night out, Tab offers an easier way to ensure everyone pays their fair share.

That means no more drunk math or footing the bill. This beautifully designed app will give everyone their total and settle your payments in less than a minute!

How Does It Work?

Tab is pretty straightforward to use. Simply snap a pic and claim your items when your bill comes out.

The app will then calculate what each group member owes, including tax and tip, saving time and unnecessary stress at the dinner table.

From there, the person responsible covers the bill in cash or credit, and you can automatically pay them through Venmo, even before they’ve settled the check.

It’s much easier and takes less time than doing everything by hand!

Who Should Use Tab?

While anyone can use Tab, there are a few of you who can benefit from having a nifty app like this in your life:

Foodies: If you and your friends are always trying out new restaurants, Tab’s the perfect way to avoid awkward bill-splitting convos.

Travel Buddies: Exploring a new city allows you and your buddies to sample some fantastic meals. With Tab, you can savor the moment without worrying about doing last-minute calculations at the end of your trip!

Workers: Are corporate lunches or dinners a regular part of your job? Tab is invaluable for seamlessly managing costs if there’s no corporate card to make it easier.

Is Tab Legit?

Yes, Tab is a legit app that prioritizes user security and privacy. By focusing solely on the mathematics of bill splitting without handling actual transactions, you have a secure way to manage your expenses without any issues.

Plenty of users also love their experience, giving it a solid 4.3 on the Apple Store:

“Rarely do I write reviews. This app has likely saved me money (of me missing a few dollars/cents trying to figure out this math on my own). So many headaches splitting bills of large groups at restaurants that do not want to take the time to do separate checks” says Rosentrotter from the Apple Store.

How To Sign Up To The Tab App

Signing up for Tab is straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the app on iOS or Android
  2. Create an account using your email or social media logins.
  3. Start adding bills and inviting friends to your groups to split your bill!

Remember, always give the app permission to connect with Venmo before sending your friend what you owe!

Tab App: Pros And Cons


  • Simple design makes it simple for anyone to use
  • Precisely calculates what each person owes, including tax and tip
  • No sign-up fees or subscriptions


  • You can only pay through Venmo or cash
  • Everyone needs to use the app to benefit

The Bottom Line

The Tab app is a practical solution to make bill-splitting a breeze.

Its user-friendly interface and the ability to accurately divide what everyone owes make it a must-have tool the next time you go out.

If you’re tired of the bill-splitting hassle, download Tab and give it a try!

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