Strike! eSports Bowling App Review

A floor view of a bowling lane with all pins standing

For people who miss nights at the bowling alley and have a few minutes to kill time on their phone, a free app that allows you to win money via a virtual bowling game could be time well spent. You should check out Strike! eSports Bowling.

What Is Strike! eSports Bowling?

Strike! eSports Bowling allows players to win money through digital bowling that simulates a classic 10-pin game. You can play against friends and players around the world, as well as enter on-demand tournaments to win prizes.

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The app was designed for “short burst gaming” with “super fast navigation,” according to the Apple App Store description.

How Does Strike eSports Bowling Work?

This special edition of Strike! Ten Pin Bowling features the Skillz game platform and is developed by Touch Mechanics. Skillz is a competition platform which allows many cash-winning games to offer features like leaderboards, trophies, cash, virtual currency prizes, and a loyalty program that rewards you for playing.

First, you pick a name and an avatar image for your account.  Then, it’s time to bowl.

Strike! matches you with players at a similar skill level in real time. This feature is intended to help you ease into the game and keep the competition fun and fair.

To bowl, position your finger on the screen to move the ball left and right. You can also draw a curve to add spin to the ball. Additional features include touch to zoom and touch to pause.

There is an easy “contact” button for support on the main page when you open the app. 

Can You Make Money? Is It Legit? 

The game says that it ensures some form of prizes no matter what. Before a match, you’ll be shown how much cash you need to wager to win a certain amount. The lowest level games have a $0.60 buy-in and a $1 prize. If you lose a cash game, you don’t get any money back.

“Z” rewards, however, are doled out win or lose. Z currency is the official virtual currency of the Skillz platform. It allows players to enter non-cash tournaments and is awarded to gamers for competing in tournaments of all types. Games cost as little as one Z to play.

Strike! eSports Bowling has a 4.6/5.0 star rating on the Apple App Store based on more than 5,000 reviews and is ranked number 96 in the Sports category. While the app touts its top-notch “pin physics,” some negative reviews argue that they are unrealistic, with one individual indicating that “the pins simply don’t fall as you’d expect with a history of candlepin bowling.”

Is Strike Available for Everyone? 

You must be at least 17 years old to dowload Strike! eSports Bowling. The app is free for everyone. The game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

To run the app you will need an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch updated to at least iOS 10.0.

Is Strike eSports Bowling Worth Your Time? 

If you enjoy virtual bowling and in particular are looking for a game that is less demanding in terms of brain power and time, you should give Strike! eSports Bowling a shot.