S’more App Review: Free Money for Android Users

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Unlike other apps that promise cash and prizes in return for winning games, S’more is an app that ensures rewards for people willing to put content and ads on their phone’s lock screen.

What is S’more?

S’more is a free app that launched in 2016 which allows you to win money in exchange for placing ads and content on your lock screen. S’more promises points “every single day that you have our app installed,” highlighting that there is “no catch.”

“As long as you use S’more, you WILL get paid,” reads the company’s About Us page. The way S’more is able to give you money is by using a portion of the revenue it generates from advertisers. The company is essentially paying you to rent space on your lock screen.

How Does S’more Work?

As well as giving you points to unlock your phone every day, S’more offers referral bonuses, paid surveys, and videos you can get paid to watch.

The app pays you 10 points (equivalent to $0.10), per day to show you lock screen ads. To close an ad after you unlock your phone, you have to swipe up and it will disappear.

Points can be redeemed for gift cards at stores such as Amazon.com, AMC Theaters, Applebee’s, Best Buy, CVS, Domino’s Pizza, GameStop, Starbucks, and Target. The minimum points required to redeem gift cards is 500, or $5.

To redeem your points for the first time, you will need to wait 10 days after installing the app. Following this period, you can redeem at any time given you have enough points for the desired reward.

When you redeem, the app will send you an email with a redemption code for your gift card. 

Bonus offers include free trials, app downloads, and videos that you can complete to earn points.

Can You Make Money? Is S’more Legit? 

S’more has a 3.2/5.0 star rating on the Android Google Play store, based on roughly 22,000 reviews. Some negative reviews cite glitches, such as surveys that won’t load and audio that plays from the app at random.

Overall, however, users say they win cash by “basically doing nothing,” which grants the game a 5-star rating from most reviewers.

According to one blogger who had been using the app for more than two years, she earned $149.15.

Users can also make money by sharing a referral link and code to recruit friends. After your referees have used S’more for 10 days and are eligible to redeem their own 25 bonus points, you will receive a 25 point bonus.

The app will only award your daily 10 points if you turn on your phone at least once in 24 hours. If not used within 12 months, points are wiped from your account.

Is S’more Available for Everyone? 

S’more is only available on Android devices, since Apple does not allow third-parties to access the lockscreen. Currently, S’more is not available outside of the U.S. and its territories.

Is S’more Worth Your Time?

If you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra money and do not mind being shown advertisements every time you unlock your smartphone, you’re in luck.

That said, S’more isn’t for people trying to avoid ads. It may not be worth the bother when you’re only earning pocket change. If you do nothing extra and simply allow the pop-ups to show every time you unlock your phone, you will gain an extra $3 per month.

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