This Company Will Pay You To Eat Cheese and Sleep for 3 Months

My lactose-intolerant self cringes at eating cheese every week, but if you love cheese (and can handle it), this new dream gig will be perfect for you.

Did we mention that you’ll also get paid to eat AND sleep? Read on to find out how you can apply to this cheesy gig.

Get Paid $1,000 to Eat Cheese and Track Your Sleep

The fun folks at Sleep Junkie are at it again with a new dream gig that’ll appeal to cheese lovers.

They’re hiring five “Dairy Dreamers” to study how eating cheese before sleep can affect your health, mainly sleep quality, energy levels, and whether or not your dreams turn into nightmares.

Since dairy products can be high in fat and protein, they can take longer to digest and may cause discomfort or indigestion while you’re trying to sleep. Hence, they’re doing a study for three months, and five lucky participants will get to contribute and be compensated $1,000 after the study.

What Do You Do as a Dairy Dreamer

First, the rules.

  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule
  • Can sleep alone during the trial
  • Must not have any sleep issues
  • Must not have any dairy intolerance

If chosen, Dairy Dreamers will each get a list of cheeses to be consumed every other week. They vary from different cheeses like hard, blue, processed, and soft-riped and can include vegan and lactose-free cheese.

You’ll eat at the same time each night before sleeping for a week and then take the following week off to record results.

So having good writing skills and describing how you feel is a must!

If you feel you’re a good candidate, head over here to apply. There’s no clear deadline, but with gigs like these, it’s always best to apply sooner than later!

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