15 Tweets You’ll Understand If You Struggle With Budgeting

1. When Other People Judge Your Impulse Buys

2. Being Thrifty Somehow Costs You More

3. The Direct Deposit Hits and You Lose Self Control

4. When You Can’t Afford to Go Out

5. …But You Go Out Anyway

6. …..And You Grab Dinner Too

7. You Dodge Name Brands to Be Economical 

8. Or Find Other “Creative” Ways to Cut Spending

9. “I Didn’t Spend Thaaaaaat Much” 

10. When You Find Out Where All Your Money Goes

11. This Classic Budgeting Question

12. Pulling An All-Nighter To Save Some Cash

13. When You Just Need Some Good Music To Forget About Money Problems

14. When Amazon Lets You Make Questionable Late-Night Purchases

15. If You’ve Ever Tried to Have Self Control

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