Get Paid $50/Hr to Be a Sober Party Animal in Stockholm

We report about all sorts of dream gigs but this may be a first where we’ve seen that you can get paid to… party. And without alcohol.

This gig is open to anyone worldwide and you just need to apply by February 29, 2020.

Get Paid to Party

Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits are looking for 2 experienced party animals to spend a night testing the brand’s credibility as a substitute for alcohol.

In order to do that, you and a friend will consume Gnista non-alcoholic tonics throughout the night while dancing the hours away.

Those that are truly passionate about nightlife, partying, and consuming alcohol, are encouraged to apply. Seriously. They’re looking only for well-versed partyers that have no problem staying up until the clubs close. As well as those who drink often so they can really test how well their non-alcoholic beverage can compare.

One Night of Perks and Duties

If you’re the right candidate, you and a friend will get roundtrip airfare and hotel stay in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden and one of Europe’s best party cities. Plus dinner and free drinks all night at the restaurant/club.

Your duty will be to make yourself and your friend at least 1 Gnista Tonic at the hotel before heading to the bar. Then, just dance the night away while drinking more Gnista non-alcoholic cocktails until 3 AM.

And after a restful sleep, you’ll get to share your experience with the Gnista team over a massive breakfast. That’s it!

Not bad for a night of “work” where you’ll get paid $50 an hour for just partying and a recap over breakfast.

If this sounds like your dream gig, apply here! They’re looking for 2 candidates, so good luck!