Uber Pro Offers Perks for Good Drivers – Even Tuition

A shot from behind of an Uber driver in his car

Next time you get good service from an Uber driver, consider leaving a 5-star rating. You could really be helping him or her out.

Uber launched a rewards program for drivers called Uber Pro, which gives exceptional drivers benefits like online tuition coverage, cash back on gas, discounts on maintenance, and up to 6% extra on time and distance rates.

The offers are only available to drivers with at least a 4.85-star rating and a cancellation rate below 4%.

Drivers can reach four tiers with increasing rewards: Partner, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. To rank up, drivers earn points for every trip during fixed 3-month periods that go towards new tiers and rewards in the next period.

All drivers start as partners and can work their way to Diamond over time. Every trip is worth one point, except trips at peak hours that are worth three. Drivers can level up every 300 points. 

Driver Benefits

Platinum and Diamond drivers earn access to free online tuition at Arizona State University, and they can choose from more than 80 fields of study.

Drivers even have the option to transfer tuition coverage to anyone in their immediate family and Uber will still cover the costs.

“We’re committed to helping our most committed partners make progress toward their goals一on and off the road,” the company wrote in its UberPro announcement.

Higher ranks come with pay increases as well: top-tier drivers will earn an extra 6% on time and distance rates.

Drivers can also save some money along the way: Uber is offering 5% back at all gas stations and up to 25% off car maintenance.

Uber Pro is still in beta but is currently available to all drivers in Chicago, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Seattle. The program is open in Denver, New Jersey, Orlando, and Tampa Bay too, but drivers there will be chosen at random.