Virtual Dream Gig: Get Paid $1,000 To Take a Vacation From Home

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Summer is rough this year when travel plans are thrown out the window with an unknown return date.

If you’re itching to feel that travel exhilaration though, try out for this virtual dream gig that can help with quelling some of that wanderlust and stir craziness at home.

Virtual Dream Gig Vacation

Upgraded Points, a site whose mission is to show the real value of travel points and miles, is hosting a much-needed dream gig where you can get paid $1,000 to go on a virtual vacation.

If selected, you’ll be taking 10 virtual tours from home, showcasing what each tour’s best features are, and ultimately picking one as the dream destination to go once all this COVID-19 madness is over.

The $1,000 you receive at the end of the gig, can be put towards your dream vacation or anything else!

Who Should Apply

Obviously, those that enjoy travel and exploration but also those that have a detailed eye. After all, you’ll be reviewing the destinations virtually!

You must also be available to take the 10 virtual tours within a 1-month span and are active on social media like Facebook and Twitter to brag about what you’re doing.

What the Gig Entails

When selected as the virtual traveler, you’ll get a list of virtual tours you can take. Pick the 10 locales that most interests you. Yes, you get a choice!

Wander over to the Louvre Museum, traipse over to the Great Wall of China, head to Iguazu Falls, marvel at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves, basically, the locations are endless.

You’ll get a worksheet for each tour to fill out with questions revolving around why you chose the location, what’s cool about it, if you’d go there in real life, and overall experience. It’s like fun homework.

How to Apply for this Dream Gig

It’s super simple. Head over to Upgraded Points here to fill out their Google form and sell them on why you’d be the perfect candidate. ]

Make sure to apply by June 30, 2020, as the winner will take all their virtual tours in the month of July. Good luck!