Truck Drivers Are In Short Supply, So Walmart Will Pay Almost $90K a Year To Drive

Vanveen JF

There are more job openings across the country than there have been in more than two decades. Today, there are 7 million unfilled positions according to the Labor Department, which can be a good thing if you’re in the market for one.

In order to attract workers and fill vacancies, some companies are raising wages or benefits. While there is a labor shortage overall, some industries have more openings than others. Knowing where workers are needed most can help you land a bigger salary.

Walmart Needs Truck Drivers

According to the American Trucking Association, the number of truck drivers has been on a steady decline since 2000 despite job openings in the field.

In an effort to attract drivers for its delivery fleet, Walmart is offering an annual salary of $87,500 to new hires starting this month. Walmart currently employs around 8,000 drivers but is looking to add 900 more to the company.

Considering the average trucker makes $45,000 per yearWalmart’s offer seems pretty enticing. In addition to higher pay, drivers can also earn bonuses for safe driving. As an added benefit, drivers get three weeks of vacation time in their first year.

Applicants still need experience behind the wheel and a clean safety record to qualify.

Even if you’re not eligible to drive for Walmart, keep your eyes peeled for wage increases in certain fields. As companies try to combat the nationwide labor shortage, they may follow Walmart’s lead.