How To Get Free Tickets For Your Next Trip To The Movies

Krists Luhaers

Going out to the movies is one of the best ways to spend a night. Watching a movie from the comfort of home is nice, but there’s something special about the massive screen and surround sound of a theater.

The only problem is after tickets, popcorn, and candy, you could be looking at a pretty expensive evening. Fewer people go to movie theaters now than ever, in part because of steep ticket prices.

Thankfully, there are ways to snag tickets to the next flick you want to see for free. If you want to save money but still see the best new releases, here are a few tips.

Look For Advance Screenings 

Not only are there ways to see movies for free, but you can also see them before they get released too. Production companies like Sony and Warner Bros. will often hold advance screenings of movies that are set to release soon.

All you need to do is search for screenings in your area and register online, and you’ll get a chance to see a movie for free and before anyone you know.

Other sites like aren’t directly affiliated with any production companies but can be useful in finding local screenings and navigating how to secure your tickets.

Take Advantage Of Rewards Programs

If you’re already an avid filmgoer there are tons of ways for you to cash in on discounts and bonuses at the theater.

For example, Fandango’s VIP program gives you reward points every time you see a movie, and over time you’ll earn enough points to pick up free tickets. Fandango also offers other insider perks like discounts and line-skipping privileges.

Atom Rewards is another free service that rewards you just for going to the movies. Not only can you earn free tickets, but Atom will also connect your account with theater loyalty programs to maximize your deals. If you have T-Mobile, you can participate in their T-Mobile Tuesdays to get $4-$5 Atom movie tickets as well.

Connect With Your Favorite Theater 

Big chain theaters like AMC and Regal have solid loyalty programs that reward members who make accounts, but even if you prefer a smaller theater you can probably still find deals. If you have a favorite theater in your hometown, ask about rewards programs, free screenings, or any other deals they might have for frequent moviegoers.

Some theatres offer free popcorn or soda and others have free tickets. All you need to do is ask next time you’re at the movies!

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