Want To Make Friends And Meet Your Investment Goals? Join A Personal Finance Club

Have you struggled to keep your financial goals in check this year? You’re not the only one.

33% of Americans haven’t begun planning their finances, and over half think their financial planning needs to improve. Still, talking about money is a huge taboo.

We understand that being open about your finances is a challenge for most people, but sometimes, asking for help is the best way to start changing your habits.

This is where finance clubs come in. They allow you to be vulnerable with like-minded people who want to see you succeed.

Let’s explore why joining these groups can be an excellent way to meet your goals!

What Is A Personal Finance Club?

Personal finance clubs are social groups focused on financial growth. Whether offering financial tips or providing a nonjudgmental environment to discuss your finances, these groups offer a community to help you thrive and learn more.

Nothing can replace human connection, even if many budgeting apps and software are available. Sharing your experiences and connecting with others can motivate you as you try to meet your goals!

How Will Joining A Finance Club Benefit You?

If you struggle to manage your money on your own, having people’s support can help keep you on track. Here are a few perks you’ll have from joining a finance club near you:

Personal Accountability
I’d walk into my local gym the first week of January to find it packed with people who made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Fast-forward to the end of the month, and most of them gave up because they found it hard to do it alone.

A support system means you’ll always have people to celebrate your journey. This same group will hold you accountable for your goals and make it easier to stay on track!

A Chance To Make New Friends
Aside from learning new things, finance clubs are a great way to make lifelong friends. These groups offer a chance to open up about your personal life, including finances.

Being open and willing to share your experiences makes it much easier to connect with members and create genuine connections beyond the event.

Mingling With Industry Experts
If you’re looking for financial advice outside books and online courses, start your search in one of these groups.

Many of them are either run by experts in the finance industry, or they’ll invite speakers and other professionals to organize events. If your group doesn’t, you can trade some free tips and resources with other fellow members at the very least!

Where Can You Find Finance Clubs?

Finance clubs are similar to other social groups; you can find more online. From forums on Reddit to NPR’s “Your Money Or Your Life” podcast group, you have plenty of options if you want to connect with others virtually.

If real-life groups are more your thing, keep an eye out for Facebook groups in your area to see if you can participate in in-person events.

If you can’t find anything you like, starting your own finance club is super easy! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Create your finance group and event on Meetup or a similar app
  2. Reserve a few tables at a nearby cafe, bar, etc.
  3. Promote it on social media and your local banks
  4. Watch and see your community grow!

It may start slow initially, but if you make your event interactive and members feel comfortable, you’ll have a solid personal finance club in no time.

The Bottom Line

Stop thinking you have to take control of your finances alone. Way too many people stay silent about their money troubles, and it stops them from getting the support they need.

Joining a personal finance community will help you achieve your goals faster. You can surround yourself with others who also want the same!

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