The 8 Best Things to Buy at Aldi

Photo: Aldi

Most of us are trying to find the best deals when we do our household shopping. And thanks to supermarkets like Aldi, you can still find affordable goods while maintaining quality.

If this is your first time shopping here, don’t expect to find the usual brands for your favorite products. Roughly 90% of the German-based supermarket’s products are private label, enabling them to offer their customers better savings.

But like other store brand items, some will stand out. Here are a few things you should consider buying on your next trip to Aldi!

1. Wine

Photo: Alice Ly

Trying to find the perfect wine for your weekend get-together? From full-bodied Malbecs to sweet Moscato, you’re bound to find the perfect pairing for any event. Aldi is well known for its award-winning international wine selection that won’t break the bank. In fact, most of their best-rated wines cost less than $10 a bottle.

2. Cheese

Photo: Alice Ly

Aldi’s cheese selection will be love at first sight if you’re a cheese lover. The store offers many options similar to a specialty cheese shop without the expensive price tag separated by Slice, Block, and Premium. Regardless if you’re a white cheddar or gouda fan, we promise you’ll leave the store with a premium cheese you’ll love.

3. Produce

Photo: Alice Ly

Who says you have to sacrifice quality when buying cheaper fruits and veggies? Aldi offers its customers high-quality produce by sourcing it locally to ensure freshness. The supermarket also carries a large selection of USDA-certified organic products at a much more affordable price than other stores.

4. Pizza

Photo: Alice Ly

Sometimes, all you want to do is throw your favorite pizza in the oven and call it a day, and Aldi’s Mama Cozzi’s won’t disappoint. The brand has dozens of options for less than $5, making you reconsider ordering from your local pizza place. According to The Kitchn, customers love Mama Cozzi’s pizzas so much that they even sell out every Friday at specific locations!

5. Chocolate

Photo: Alice Ly

Do you need something sweet to go along with your wine pairing? You really can’t miss Aldi’s beloved chocolate section. The company partnered with many European suppliers, giving them access to high-quality chocolates for a bargain price. From Moser Roth’s 85% Dark Chocolate bars to their decadent Belgian chocolate truffles, feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth as much as you’d like.

6. Milk

Photo: Alice Ly

Did you know Aldi’s milk prices are even lower than Walmart’s? The store’s milk is so cheap because of its efficient storage methods, including preloading milk onto racks to save time. They also use a private label for their milk, translating into extra customer savings.

7. Plant-Based Products

Photo: u/mess_is_lore

According to Plant Based News, plant-based products can cost up to 200% more than conventional food items. But Aldi’s “Earth Grown” private label can bring the cost down a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. Their brand includes Italian “meatballs” for your spaghetti night, black bean burgers, tofu dumplings, and much more!

Many people who buy the store’s meatless products seem to love them. Stephani Sassos from Good Housekeeping says the brand “provides convenient, delicious, and affordable products to support a plant-based lifestyle.”

8. ALDI Finds and the Aisle of Shame

Photo: Alice Ly

On top of unbeatable prices for everyday items, Aldi gives shoppers many chances to find weekly deals and specials based on location. You also have their “Weekly ALDI Finds” option with a changing list of products on sale, including cleaning products, vitamins, and other essentials. If you’re trying to take advantage of your local Aldi’s deals, visit the chain’s “Weekly Ads” page and enter your zip code to see discounts available! This aisle is also nicknamed “Aisle of Shame” or AOS for the guilty pleasures of price-savvy items available here.

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