5 Easy Ways to Get Designer Make-Up for Free or Cheap

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If you can’t pass a Sephora or Ulta without going in and buying a thing or two (or twenty), we’re with you.

While we can’t follow you around and slap you on the hand every time you pick up a new gloss or eyeshadow palette (don’t you have EVERY color already?!), we can help you get cash back on those impulse buys.

1. Scan Your Receipts. Get Cash Back. Fund Your Next Sephora Haul.

Everyone has those necessary purchases that they absolutely dread making. For me, it’s sunscreen, shampoo, face wash, etc. None of these items come cheap, even at drug stores. Face wash is absolutely necessary to use daily and at $10+ a bottle that adds up pretty quick.

Ibotta helps you feel better about these purchases by giving you cash back. That way, you can justify dropping $50 on items that are necessary but no fun on your drugstore run.

It’s super easy to use and works with over 500+ online and in-store retailers to get you cash back.

So before you head to the store, check Ibotta for items already on your shopping list. Neutrogena SPF 50? Hit that + sign in the app. Makeup Remover? Tap that + sign again. Then head out to shop! Once you’re done with your haul, take a photo of your receipt and gain some cash back.

Ibotta is free and you can even get up to $20 bonus just for signing up and scanning your first receipt (free money hello!).

Here are some awesome cash-back opportunities I’ve seen:

  • 50 cents back for any item
  • 25 cents back on bread
  • 80 cents back on Honey Bunches of Oats
  • $2 back on L’Oreal products
  • $2 back on Yellow Tail Wine
  • $5 back on Enlightened Ice Cream

With around $20 a month cash back on personal care items, you can afford to grab that ridiculously priced but to die for Kylie Lip Kit you’ve been eyeing and not feel bad about it.

2. We Found the GrubHub for Beauty Products

Source: My Subscription Addiction

Saving money is almost impossible when you walk into an Ulta or Sephora and see the gorgeous packaging & limited edition products. However, how many eyeshadow palettes can you REALLY use? After getting new ones, I get so excited about the new palettes
I forget about my old ones.

Overspending on beauty products is something almost every beauty obsessor has experienced, and that amounts to a pile of old products they don’t reach for as often. Instead of constant spending on the next best thing and ending up with some half-used items, check out IPSY.

IPSY is a monthly subscription service that includes 5 beauty items in a trendy makeup bag delivered directly to your door. Best part? It’s only $12 a month AND there’s free shipping.

On average, the items are valued at $45 or more. Additionally, it includes all the brands that beauty addicts know and love (MAC, Smashbox, Kiehl’s, Too Faced, and more) so you know you’re getting the products you’d probably buy anyway.

The products are also customized for you! During sign up, IPSY asks some beauty questions
in a quick two-minute quiz that they use to personalize your beauty bag so you get the items you REALLY want.

TIP: It’s really popular so there’s a possibility to get waitlisted. If you share to your Facebook when prompted, you’ll be taken to the front of the list with no wait!

3. Sell Your Old Sweaters And Cash In For New Skincare!

Do you find yourself struggling to fit new clothes in your already jam-packed closet? It’s a problem we all have at some point. There’s a way to make this annoying problem profitable though, and it’s easy.

Just sell your unwanted items on the letgo app for free!

It allows you to sell furniture, clothing, cars, handyman services all based on your zip code. While you can’t sell your used makeup, you can take your cash earnings from the letgo app to grow your collection of lip colors without denting your checking account.

You can also buy from letgo, so if you’re looking for a trendy piece or a chunky sweater just as
spring is coming you don’t have to break the bank.

There’s also no money wasted on shipping since buyers and sellers are local. No shipping cost = more money for makeup. letgo is the perfect app to help you not only gain a little extra shopping money but also tidy up your closet #MarieKondo style and get a jump start on spring cleaning.

5. Turn That Dinner & a Drive Into Cash for Beauty Products 

Do you feel strapped for cash but you still NEED that new lipstick? Yeah, same. One way to fix that is to download Dosh.
If you’re addicted to shopping and constantly convincing yourself what else you need – this can be a lifesaver!

Dosh gives you cash back on shopping, dining, gas, and regular everyday activities. All you have
to do is link your credit and debit cards you use to make everyday purchases, find the offer that is right for you (the app has thousands of stores and restaurants to choose from), spend at Dosh participating retailers, and you’ll automatically get
cash back!

How does the cashback work? Simple, You link your card, and whenever you shop at Dosh retail partners with the cards you have linked, you get cash back when you make a purchase automatically. No receipts to scan, no points earned, just cash.

Dosh will show you offers that are nearby along with online offers (yes, Sephora is one). This is especially helpful when living in a city where there is prime shopping around every corner. Their search function is my favorite part of the app, with
one click you can see all the offers around you as well as online and decide what splurge is next based on your cash back offers.

If you’ve been dying for a new hair straightener or a really nice foundation, this is a great option. You’ll still have to drop some money, but at least you can easily get some cash back and feel better about your spending habits.

You can even get $5 extra if you refer a friend or linking your card right away! Help them fuel
their shopping addiction, and they can help you fuel yours. It’s super easy to access the cash back, you can directly transfer to your bank account or use PayPal for quick cash. If you’re addicted to shopping you can’t go wrong with
getting cash back!

4. Earn Cash Back for Your Beauty Splurges

Ebates has been helping over 12 million consumers get cash back for over 20 years for one
simple reason: they know what they’re doing.

Simply get cash back for almost anything you purchase with Ebates – great news for beauty addicts.

Membership is free and you earn up to 25% cash back at over 2,500+ stores including Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s, and of course Sephora. Plus, you’ll find coupons, free shipping codes, and awesome sales.

There are no rebate forms, you just earn cash back and get paid via check or Paypal. Now you can buy that extra bronzer and not feel bad about it!

5. Earn Gift Cards to Fuel Your Beauty Addiction

Drop lets you earn gift cards on stuff that you already buy – including your favorite beauty and health splurges. If you need a new blowdryer, why not get a gift card for free along with it?

Here’s how it works: link your most used credit/debit card(s), and whenever you purchase at your favorite brands you’ll get points for gift cards. If you’re hitting Sephora, Ulta, and the Target beauty section on a regular basis, Drop can be your ultimate rewards card for all three!

If your version of “running errands” is like mine a.k.a. getting Starbucks and going to Target for various items I don’t need, you absolutely need Drop. Even groceries and everyday purchases from Target can be turned into gift cards for your next makeup splurge!

One of our Smart Wallet editors redeemed a $20 Sephora card after only 3 weeks! The ultimate rewards card to earn gift cards for companies you already shop from regularly? Count us in!

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