Brunch at Home: Save Big with these Ibotta Deals

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

Everyone loves brunches. However, not your wallet because trendy Instagrammable places are expensive.

Solution: This weekend, make brunch for your loved one(s) at home even if your loved one is yourself.

So make a list of your favorite things to eat/drink! But before you go to the store, open up that Ibotta app to save even more on your grocery items.

Some great deals we saw in the app:

  • 25 cents back on any item
  • $1 cash back on Yellowtail Wine
  • 25 cents back on any brand of Avocados
  • 25 cents back on any brand of milk
  • $1 cash back on FAGE Greek Yogurt
  • $1 cash back Van’s Waffles (or 50 cents back Eggo)
  • $1.50 cash back Hillshire Farm Polska Kielbasa
  • $1 back Wholesome Pancake Syrup
  • $1 back Spindrift Sparkling Water any variety
  • 25 cents back carrots any brand
  • $1.50 cash back on low-calorie Enlightened Ice Cream
  • $1 cash back on Simply Orange Juice
  • $1 cash back on ZICO Coconut Water

(You could be getting $11 cash back on your next brunch!)


  • $1 cash back on Mother’s Day cards!

When you see a cash back offer you like, just hit the + sign next to it.

Then go shopping per usje, and when you get home, scan that receipt to get your hard-earned money back!

When you scan your first receipt, you’ll also get up to $20 bonus making your brunch at home even sweeter for your taste buds and wallet. Happy Ibotta-ing!

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