10 Weird (but Totally Legal) Ways To Pay Rent When It’s Over $800 a Month

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You feel it every month.

When that chunk of rent payment leaves your bank account and into someone else’s. It’s the price to pay for having your own living space and basically, a non-negotiable.

Because no matter what, you gotta keep adulting when you don’t want to move back in with family. Seriously.

So keep making those rent payments and we’re making it a little bit easier by suggesting some things you can do to earn some side cash as well as manage your money more efficiently. Even better when you can get paid for doing stuff you already do!

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2. Pump Up Your Savings at The Pump

Save each time you get gas by using the free BPMe Rewards app to find BP or Amoco gas stations nearby since you’ll instantly get 5 cents back on every gallon.* It adds up! On average, people spend over $2K on gas alone a year.*

Don’t even deal with touching a germy pin pad or fumbling with a wallet. You can use the app to pay using either a credit card or PayPal to stay contact-free. (You’ll still have to hold the gas pump though, no short cut there).

All transactions are saved automatically in the app so you can see how much you’ve saved. It’s a no-brainer if you get gas regularly and it’s free to use!

NEW MEMBER BONUS: Use promo code SAVINGS and get a one-time 15₵/gallon additional discount on your next fuel up after you complete your first in-app transaction of $15 or more only until March 31st!

*BPMe Rewards not available in AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, LA, ME, MT, ND, NM, NV, OK, OR, SC, TX, UT, VT, WA, WY

3. The Card That Only Gives Cash Back and No Debt

Not everyone can qualify for a cash back credit card if their credit history isn’t stellar so we found another option instead. It’s called the Aspiration Spend & Save Account, the world’s first cash back account that lets you track the environmental impact from your spending. It includes a debit card that gets you up to 10% cash back.

Basically, it turns your debit card into a cash back card!

The account also lets you pay bills, save, and earn interest too. Here’s the rundown:

  • Get up to 10% cash back on socially-conscious businesses
  • Pays up to 1.00% APY on your savings
  • Your debit card gives free access to every ATM in the world!
  • Zero fees (yes fee-free!)
  • Option to plant a tree with every round-up

You only need a $10 minimum deposit to open an Aspiration Spend & Save Account.

Since there are no monthly fees, their accounts are on a “pay what is fair” model so you can “tip” them up to $20 or as little as $0 a month. Aspiration also commits to donating 10% of earnings to charity! For those that want extra perks, a Plus plan may be worth considering.

It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up and it’s free, so try it out!

4. Freelancer or Independent Contractor? This is the Bank for You

1099-MISC. 1099-NEC. Business expenses. Deductions. Tax time is never fun for freelancers and independent contractors. Plus it’s confusing on separating personal and business spend.

That’s why Lili, (awarded best bank account for freelancers from Fundera!), helps you focus on your business or side gig by offering mobile banking designed for freelancers.

There are no account fees, no overdraft fees, no minimum balance, no foreign transaction fees, and you can get paid up to 2 days earlier via direct deposit. Lili also provides tools like:

  • Expense reports – They’re automatically generated!
  • Expense management – It’s easy (and fun) to categorize by swiping left/right plus no need for separate bank accounts
  • Tax Bucket – Helps you plan & prepare taxes all year long (instead of at the last minute).

All you need is 3 minutes to sign up, along with your SSN, (this is a bank account after all), and you’ll be on your way to a sleek, fee-free black VISA business debit card. Plus, there are over 38,000 free ATMs to withdraw money from.

They’ve even done the math and by using Lili, you’d save 60 hours and $1,700 per year. And yes, it’s free to sign up!

BONUS: Starting in February, any member that sets up direct deposit will automatically be entered to win $1,000 every week until the end of March! (8 chances to win!)

5. Get Free Stock Worth Up to $200

@MayoFi | Unsplash

Investing may seem expensive and most people put it off until they have “enough” money for it.

But time is the most important factor and Robinhood makes it really easy for new investors to get started with just $1.

This free trading app lets you trade stocks, ETFs and options, along with cryptocurrency all for free. No commission fees! When your application is approved, they’ll give free stock worth $2.50 up to $200 for new members, with chances to get a high-value stock in Facebook, Microsoft, etc.

You’ll also earn interest on any uninvested cash too. With a near-perfect 4.8 score from 2.3 million people, it’s a popular app that you should check out if you’re interested in investing.

6. Play 3 Minute Games & Win Cash Over $1,000 Every Day

When you’re looking for more games to play that could actually be productive to your wallet, check out Pocket7Games on iOS which despite the name, actually has 9 different classic games to choose from.

Bingo Clash is the most popular, followed by Solitaire!, Bubble Shot, 21 Gold, Block Blitz, 2048 Blitz, Dunk Shot, Bubble Gold, and Cube Blast. Easily switch between games to play for fun or for cash against real players 1v1 or in a group.

Every day over $1,000 free cash is awarded to players who join the free entry events. You can also win Amazon gift cards, and tech prizes like Xbox, AirPods, iPads, and more. Never be bored with plenty of surprise events and activities that give free cash plus earn up to $40 per friend you invite to play Pocket7Games!

More than $70M in prizes have already been rewarded so get in on your share of the fun. Note that cash games are not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, VT.

7. Play Solitaire to Win Cash. No Longer a Single Player Game.

Less than a few minutes. That’s all you need to win real cash when you play  Solitaire Cash, a fun Solitaire game with a modern twist.

It’s like regular Solitaire but you compete against other players at the same skill-level as yours to see who can solve the deck the fastest, and for cash! Play in groups of 5 or more and the top 3 for each game wins.

Players have already won thousands of dollars! Solitaire Cash is free to download and play but cash tournaments are specifically not available in AZ, AR, IN, IA, LA, ME, MD, SC, MT & SD.

If you like playing quick games for chances to win cash with no ads, check it out.

8. Unlimited 4% Cash Back? Yes, Please

Here’s how to make sure you get all the deals and cash back that you can while shopping.

Instead of having to clip coupons, just use Slide, a free app where you can earn unlimited 4% cash back on top of your current credit card rewards. It’s the best contactless way to pay in-store and online at over 150 partners like Bath & Body Works, GameStop, Ulta, Petco, Michaels, Lowe’s, and more.

It’s simple:

  1. Open Slide and select the brand
  2. Enter total purchase amount
  3. Show your unique barcode and pay! (For online purchases, copy/paste the serial number into the gift card field)

When you connect Apple Pay or credit card as a payment method and show your unique Slide barcode, it’ll act like a gift card with no leftover balance. And you’ll get 4% unlimited cash back!

Withdraw your earnings via Venmo or Payal once you’ve hit $15.

Shop smart, and get cash back this new year with this free-to-use app that has no hidden fees and no receipts to upload!

9. Play B-I-N-G-O for Up to $25,000 C-A-S-H!

When you think of bingo, you probably envision a room full of seniors stamping number cards. In other words, not terribly exciting.

But Bingo Clash on iOS, is the free modern version where you can play on your iPhone, and win big with cash and real-life prizes. There are daily cash prizes as well as weeklong tournaments with prize pools that can go up to $25,000! You can also win items like iPads, kitchen appliances, LEGO sets, other electronics, even cars!

You play against other people of similar skill in 1v1, tournaments, or multiplayer. It’s fair play as everyone gets the same card and the same numbers called out, but it’s how fast and accurate you are that will declare the winner!

Pro-tip: Don’t hit the Bingo button until almost the end of the game to rack up bonus points!

Play cash games for the bigger prizes but note that they aren’t available in these states AZ, AK, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT. However, Bingo Clash iOS is free to play, is fun, and you could win cash/prizes, so check it out!

10. Get Up to 15x Cash Back Rewards with This Sleek, Black Premium Debit Card

A credit card isn’t for everyone, particularly if you know your own spending habits. So when a debit card comes around that has credit-card like perks, take notice.

Current is the first mobile bank to offer up to 15x points whenever you swipe this sleek black premium (or white) debit card, at over 14,000 participating merchants. These points are redeemable for unlimited cash back!

For example, swiping the card at gas stations could net you back $165/year!

Along with the unique rewards program, a Current account has no hidden fees, no minimum balances, over 55,000 fee-free ATMs, and includes money management tools such as savings pods and round ups. Premium members ($4.99/mo) can also enjoy getting paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit, as well as never worrying about a negative balance since they can use Overdrive™, a benefit that covers them up to $100 when they need it.

Current is free to use (with optional premium upgrade) so don’t miss out on earning points for stuff you were already buying! It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up!

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