Affinityy Review: Cash Back on Loans, Houses and More

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Affinityy is an affiliate marketing company based in New York City.  The platform offers unique cash back rewards like $5,000 for buying a house through one of its real estate partners, and $100 cash back for getting approved for a personal loan.

What is Affinityy?

Affinityy is a shopping site that rewards users with cash back of up to 15% on purchases of products from hundreds of retailers, such as Expedia, Walgreens, Target, and Best Buy. For example, the company offers 3% cash back on all Walmart purchases.

Affinityy makes money by sending customers to advertisers on its platform for a commission. It shares part of that commission with shoppers as cash back.

How Does Affinityy Work?

First, create an account with a valid email address and password. You can also sign up easily by linking your Facebook or Google account.

After you sign up, there are several ways to make money.

Cash Back on Shopping

Once signed in, you can begin browsing stores on their list of partners. When you find a store with the goods you want, click on the “Shop Now” button below the retailer.

To make a qualified purchase, users must make sure to click on the store link from and buy the items in the same session. This is because your click-through from Affinityy activates a code in the stores’ shopping cart.

After completing your purchase like you normally would, the cashback offer is automatically added to your Affinityy account.

Refer a Friend to Get up to $10 Cash Back

Users can earn up to $10 for each friend they refer.  You will receive $5 when your friend earns $5 in cash back, and an additional $5 if your friend makes their first premium purchase of $125 or more.

Get a Personal Loan

You can also earn up to $100 cash back through Affinityy when you apply and get approved for a loan through the Affinityy site. Available loans are three- and five-year terms from $1,000 to $50,000, with rates between 7.98% to 35.99% APR, with no prepayment penalty.

Buy a House

You can earn up to $5,000 cash back for buying a house through one of
Affinityy’s 20,000 real estate agent partners across the country. The company gets paid for sending qualified leads and shares some of that commission with home buyers as cash back.

Affinityy house purchase rewards

How to Get Your Cash

Qualified purchases should be posted to your account under “Pending Cash Back” within 5 days of purchase. Cash can stay “pending” for up to two months, to account for store return policies and order cancellations.

Once “Pending Cash Back” has moved to “Available Cash Back” status, you can redeem your cash via PayPal or check. The cash-out minimum on Affinityy is $50.

What You Need to Know Before Using Affinityy

Unlike other cash back and rewards apps, Affinityy requires action before you make a purchase. Any order that is not placed through a click-through link is not a qualified purchase. In that case, you would need to cancel the original order and reorder through an Affinityy link to receive cash back.

Before clicking “Shop Now” through the Affinityy shopping portal, you should make sure to click the “guidelines” button and read the terms and conditions. For example, Walmart excludes all purchases using gift cards from earning cash back, as well as purchases made online and picked up in-store, and for resale items.

Certain items may also be ineligible for cash back. At Walmart, cash back is now restricted for items including the Apple Watch, the newest iPhone models, grocery products, cellular purchases, prescriptions and more.

Affinityy often creates “Welcome Bonuses” for new customers by a deadline specified on their site. For example, Affinityy in the past has offered a $20 new account bonus after a first qualifying purchase of $5 or more within 14 days of becoming a member.

Final Thoughts on Affinityy

Affinityy is a rewards site that offers customers unique options including cash back on personal loans and home purchases. Users should be aware that retail partners like Walmart list exceptions to cash-back purchases.

Affinityy also requires user action before the purchase, which is a slightly different experience from apps that let you upload a receipt to apply for cash back after your shopping is done.

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