Amazon Launches an AR Interior Decorating Tool to Help Furnish Your Place

Colorful and modern decor chairs with a small table
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Amazon is almost always at the cutting edge of technology and logistics, so it’s never a surprise when the company rolls out something new. Still, that doesn’t make things like these any less cool. This time, Amazon is introducing Room Decorator, an augmented reality tool that allows you to project furniture you’re considering buying into your home.

It sounds futuristic, but Amazon has been working on AR technology for years. Room Decorator is a big improvement on Amazon’s existing AR furniture tool. Here’s what you need to know about the tool, and how it can shape your next purchase!

Amazon’s Room Decorator

First thing’s first, you need the Amazon Shopping app to use the Room Decorator. As you shop for furniture, there are thousands of items on the marketplace that will prompt you with a “view in your room” option. Then, that furniture piece will display on your phone, and you can adjust its position and camera angle to see what you like. All furniture will be shown at scale and in high resolution, Amazon told TechCrunch.

But that’s not all. Within the decorator, you can check out complimentary furniture pieces, and view multiple things together at once. If you like your interior decorating but aren’t fully committed to the purchase, you can save a snapshot of your room as decorated and come back later. You can even use screenshots of your home to sample furniture while you’re on the road!

According to TechCrunch, the feature is already live for about half of Amazon app users. Within the next few weeks, the company expects everyone to have access to Room Decorator.

Also, don’t forget that you can use the AR view to unlock an extra 20% off Prime Day Deals.

With that in mind, here are some of the hottest furniture pieces on Amazon that you can fantasize about in your home:

Serta Convertible Sofa

A blue convertible sofa available on Amazon

This compact, contemporary couch fits perfectly in any living room and also folds out into a bed. The sofa is comfortable and functional and comes in navy blue, java, charcoal, or black. Plus, compared to other couches of its size, this Certa sofa comes cheap without sacrificing quality, starting at just $129.

Furinno Entertainment Stand

A black entertainment stand against a white background

This entertainment stand could be the missing piece to turn your living room into a multimedia paradise. The top section of the stand can hold up to a 55-inch TV, and the shelves and cabinets below are perfect for storing DVDs, games, consoles, speakers, and more. The set is made from beautifully finished wood and comes in black, oak, or walnut.

YaheeTech Coffee Table

A coffee table with a liftable top for storage

Not only is this coffee table stylish, but it also gives you tons of storage space with a hidden compartment under the top of the table. The tabletop moves up and down, so you can elevate it to your comfort and keep anything you need handly in the table itself. The coffee table comes in black, white, and brown.

Seseno 7-Drawer Dresser

A gray dresser with seven drawers

This dresser doesn’t take up tons of space, but it’s so compact that it gives you all the storage you could need. Made with fabric, a steel frame, and a wood top, it’s sturdy and efficient. Plus, since there aren’t endless pieces of wood and metal that need fastening, the dresser is uniquely easy to put together and put to use!

Massage Recliner

A black massage chair

Having a massage chair at home may sound like a dream, but it’s more affordable and practical than ever. This sleek and cozy recliner comes in seven colors and can fold from a right angle to nearly horizontal for work or naps. There’s also a massager built into the back of the recliner, so you can reach maximum levels of comfort without leaving your living room.

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