It’s Baby Safety Month! Get a $30 Walmart Giftcard When You Recycle Your Old Car Seat

Sharon McCutcheon

Kids grow up so fast! You can barely keep them in new gear, while the old gear piles up in your basement or garage. Parents have a legit complaint that they have to spend a fortune on items like a child’s safety car seat that is useless after a couple of years. That’s why as part of National Baby Safety Month, Walmart is giving folks a $30 gift card from September 16th to the 30th when you recycle your old car seat.

At nearly 4,000 Walmart locations nationwide will accept the seats, and you can use their location finder to find the one nearest you. Just take your lovingly used car seat to the Walmart service desk, and you get $30 to use in-store or online for new baby stuff.

Not only will this program help you save money and keep your kids safe, it’s environmentally friendly too. After Walmart collects your car seat, they work with TerraCycle to recycle them. According to their webpage, “All car seats collected in this program will be recycled through TerraCycle, and each component will be diverted from the landfill.”

Some restrictions do apply, so before you go, be prepared:

  • Limit 2 trade-ins per household
  • Any car seat brand accepted
  • Booster seats are not eligible for trade-in

Walmart is also having an in-store event September 28th, 29th and 30th to help new parents learn baby health and safety tips by letting you interact hands-on with necessary baby gear and nursery items. The event will feature a “diaper challenge,” stroller testing, the car seat trade-in, and more.

National Baby Safety Month

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association has been sponsoring Baby Safety Month since 1983.

Their goal is to promote safer baby products, and Walmart is just one of their partners. They offer great resources for parents, and with deals like this, they help protect your wallet and your peace of mind.

When To Change Your Car Seat

Car seats don’t last forever, which makes trade-in events like this so valuable. If you’re not sure when you should trade-in your seat, the federal government has some suggestions based on your child’s age, height and weight.

Consumer Reports also has some great tips on when to upgrade your car seat:

  • When your seat expires, usually after six years
  • When your baby is one year old
  • If your car seat has been in a crash or is damaged

Don’t let this September deal pass you by! Head to Walmart for your $30 of great baby stuff!

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