This Quiz Will Pay You For Knowing How to Outsmart Scammers

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Do you think you’re smarter than average internet scammers? If so, the American Bankers Association is willing to pay you for your knowledge. The association is warning consumers about the danger of phishing and running a quiz with prizes to raise awareness. One grand prize winner will take home $1,000 – just for taking a quiz and tweeting about it!

Banks Never Ask That Quiz

The whole premise of the quiz is that scams are easy to spot, once you know what to look for. Most phishers pull off scams by posing as a bank worker and collecting personal information from unsuspecting people. They operate via email, text, or calls. There are certain things these scammers will request that your bank would never ask you for.

For instance, your bank will never ask you to open an attachment in an email. These kinds of phishing scams are common, though, and clicking on the link can jeopardize the security of your personal data. Your bank will also never ask for your social security number over the phone, but scammers will. Simply knowing the signs of a phishing scam can protect you against one.

Every week, 15 people who take the quiz and post on social media will get prepaid gift cards as prizes. Ten winners will get $20, four will win $50, and one winner each week will take home $100. Winners are named every Friday in October so there are 2 opportunities left!

The campaign ends on October 31st, and at that time a $1,000 grand prize winner will be chosen at random. Every quiz-taker can enter the sweepstakes once per week by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #BNATsweeps and the results of their quiz.

Best case scenario: you win some free money.

Worst case scenario: you protect yourself from potentially losing money to scammers in the future.

My scam score was 5 out of 6, so I passed – hopefully you will too!

This quiz is a win-win, so give it a shot and see what you know! You might just get rewarded for it.

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