Coinstar is Giving Out $5 in Amazon Credit When You Deposit $30 in Change

Coinstar machine at a grocery store

Coinstar has been converting coins into bills for decades. The company is known for its green coin-changing machines that you’ve probably seen at a grocery store or two. If you’re not typically a coin-keeper, Coinstar has a new deal that might send you digging through couch cushions for loose quarters.

From now through November 30, Coinstar is offering an additional $5 in Amazon credit to anyone who deposits $30 or more in coins.

How to Get Free Amazon Credit from Coinstar

When you get to the Coinstar kiosk, you’ll need to pick a payout method. Typically you can just swap coins for cash or you can donate them to charity or exchange them for a gift card. In order to qualify for the additional $5, you need to get paid via an Amazon gift card. The code you get from your Coinstar transaction will pay out everything you deposited plus $5 bonus when you register on Amazon.

Coinstar transactions usually come with a small fee, but if you convert your coins into an Amazon card the fee is waived.

There’s a good chance you have enough change lying around to hit $30. In fact, the average Coinstar payout is closer to $50. You might need to really dig through your home, but the coins are there if you’re anything like the average American.

The deal itself runs through November 30th, and all credits expire at the end of the year. The offer is also limited to one bonus per customer, per Coinstar location. For all the details, you can check out Amazon’s website or locate a kiosk through Coinstar’s.

The U.S. Mint recently announced that the country is facing a coin shortage, and depositing coins is one way to help revitalize the coin supply. So not only do you get $5 for free, but you can also help end the coin shortage!