Will Walmart+ Be the End of Amazon? (Probably Not)

Walmart vs. Amazon
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Amazon continues to grow, and CEO Jeff Bezos gets wealthier as e-commerce spikes as we continue to transition from pandemic to endemic. Without physical stores, most of the country has relied on the e-commerce giant to purchase essential goods. As a result, the retail giant keeps getting bigger. But, if any one entity could threaten Amazon’s success, it’s Walmart: the largest company in the world by revenue. As it happens, Walmart launched a subscription service akin to Amazon Prime to challenge Bezos’ e-commerce beast: Walmart+.

What Is Walmart+?

Originally launched in September 2020, Walmart+ has emerged as the first major competitor to Amazon Prime. Like Prime, the service offers (some) similar yet different benefits. Here’s what you’ll get with Walmart+:

  • Free, unlimited deliveries from your local Walmart store with a $35 order minimum. (Groceries orders can be delivered the same day!)
  • Free shipping on Walmart.com, with no order minimum.
  • Get access to Rx prescriptions for as little as $0.
  • Save 5 cents per gallon on fuel purchases at Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Murphy stations.
  • Mobile scan and go: Members can scan items in-store from their smartphone, pay and leave the store. This can save a lot of time checking out at the register.
    Early access to sales and promotions.

How Much Does Walmart+ Cost Versus Amazon Prime?

The current membership price for Walmart+ is $12.95 per month or $98 per year (plus applicable taxes). This price seems like a bargain after Amazon’s recent rate hike which now costs members $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Although, it is possible to get an Amazon Prime student membership (or if you receive government assistance) for 50% off the current rate.

Luckily, both Walmart+ and Amazon Prime offer a 30 day free trial to start, just in case you want to test drive each service and then decide which is right for you.

All in all, Walmart+ offers some different and unique features and is a great alternative to Amazon Prime. Of course, Amazon Prime launched way back in 2005, so Walmart has some catching up to do. As of October 2021, Amazon commands nearly 41 percent of the e-commerce space, while Walmart accounts for just 6.6 percent, according to Statista. Amazon Prime lost a number of subscribers after their recent membership price hike, but they still dominate when compared to Walmart+.

The Bottom Line

Will Walmart+ overtake Amazon Prime? Probably not. Although, the service continues to eat into Amazon’s strong grip on the e-commerce space. If you’re looking for an average savings of $2 per month with a monthly membership or $41 per year with an annual membership, then it’s certainly worth a try if you’re within their current footprint.

My take? Although small right now, Amazon will definitely need to remain competitive as the Walmart+ service expands and their membership price stays lower overall.