Denny’s Everyday Value T-Shirt Comes with Breakfast for a Year

Inflation is causing more people to make meals at home, but restaurants are thinking up unique ideas to lure patrons back in.

The latest marketing ploy is from Denny’s, specifically for Black Friday, with an “item drop” limited in quantity.

Why is it so special, and why do you need it? Let’s check it out.

The T-Shirt That’s a Coupon

It’s a black t-shirt, and it’s also a coupon with a QR code stitched into the fabric.

But what is it good for?

Dubbed the “Everyday Value Tee,” it’s a wearable coupon that’ll get you an Everyday Value Slam® breakfast for free every day for a year. Yes, every day for a year!

Of course, you’ll have to buy the t-shirt, but after that, wear it whenever you want to redeem the breakfast, which is limited to once a day.

Denny’s is only producing 150 t-shirts, and it drops on Black Friday, November 25th, at midnight ET.

Cost and Value of the Shirt 

When it releases on Black Friday, the t-shirt will only cost $5.99.

But since it comes with a year of free daily breakfasts, the value shoots up to $2,186!

Of course, you may not want to visit Denny’s every day for health purposes, but since the Everyday Value Slam breakfast is worth $5.98 normally, just going once will have you break even, and going twice in the year will have you coming out on top.

But again, Denny’s is only selling 150 of these wearable coupons, so if you’re interested, set your alarms for November 25th at midnight ET!

Are you thinking about snagging one? Even if you don’t catch one for yourself, we think it’d make a great gift for the student in your life!

They do have a list of non-participating Denny’s, so check to ensure it’s not the location you would go to.

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