We’re Obsessed with Dice Dreams – Here’s Why You Should Play Too

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Regular readers know that we love our fair share of games, particularly ones that can help make some extra money. However, Dice Dreams is just for pure entertainment as it’s a free-to-play game with completely optional in-app purchases. We actually enjoyed it so much the past couple of weeks that we’re making an exception from our usual content to write about it!

So if you’re looking for a fun time killer that’s light-hearted and stress-free, read on to learn more about the Dice Dreams game.

What is Dice Dreams?

Dice Dreams is a free multiplayer social dice game where you roll dice on magical boards, collect coins and gems to build your own Kingdoms as well as attack and steal from other Kingdoms. Ultimately, everyone’s striving to be the Dice King/Queen (or Royalty!)

You play with players around the world and join your Facebook friends to attack one another leisurely. When you loot your friends/family of coins, you can use them to build more buildings in your kingdom!

Dice Dreams is developed and published by SuperPlay and is currently ranked #20 in Board Games on the App Store, with a 4.9/5 ⭐ rating with over 61,800 reviews, and has 10M+ downloads on just Android alone. Yes, it’s a popular game!

In the game, you’ll have Peons to help you roll the dice, attack, and steal coins. At first impression, they have the body shape of Among Us crewmembers, the hair/expression of Angry Birds, and they speak gibberish like Minions but are cuter. They also give rewards, so keep an eye out for the 🎁 icon above their heads!

How to Get Started on Dice Dreams

It’s really simple to start playing Dice Dreams, just download and install it on your smartphone and follow the easy prompts to play.

With a few quick taps, you’ll immediately be rolling some dice. In the beginning, you’ll manually tap to roll each time, but eventually, the game will give the option of “Hold for auto roll,” so it’ll be easier to roll even faster.

Left: Each kingdom has a different theme. Unlock as many as you can! | Middle: Each time you roll dice, you can land on different actions or rewards | Right: When you complete every building in the kingdom, you can move on to the next kingdom!

There are various rolls the dice will land on:

  • JACKPOT – 3 dice on Jackpot will give you the most amount of coins
  • ATTACK – 3 dice on angry faces will give you the opportunity to attack and take coins from another kingdom, or you can choose to get revenge on one that’s attacked you before
  • SHIELD – 3 dice on shields will grant you some defense to your kingdom. You can only block 3 incoming attacks, so be sure to replenish shields and save money from repairs!
  • WILD CARD – 3 dice on ? will either give you free coins, more rolls, or an opportunity to Steal or Fight for coins from another kingdom.
  • FREE – 3 dice on free will turn the board into a disco board and grant you extra free rolls!

Here’s an example of a basic attack sequence:

Left: Choose a building to attack from another player’s kingdom | Middle: Manually pull back Buddy, your attacker, on the slingshot and aim for the bullseye to get the most points | Right: If the kingdom you’re attacking has a shield, Buddy will get blocked, but you’ll still get coins!

Here’s an example of what Steal would look like:

Left: Other players will not be able to block Steals, so your goal is to steal as much as possible before you roll on a “Bomb” | Middle: When you roll on a “Bomb,” you leave what you’ve stolen so far along with any boosts |
Right: If you don’t roll on a “Bomb,” it’s considered a Perfect roll, so you leave with even more coins!

Dice Dreams is completely free-to-play, but there are always deals for new players who want to move ahead faster and get more coins and rolls to progress. This is optional, though! We think the game does a good job of not pushing the purchases too much, and the only time you’ll see it happening is when you first log into the game, when you run out of rolls, and as icons on the user interface.

Tips for Dice Dreams

The most important aspects of the game are rolls and coins, so many players wonder how to get extra free Dice Dreams rolls. Since we don’t condone any Dice Dreams cheats, here are free ways we’ve found so far:

  • Connect to your Facebook account for extra rolls
  • Invite friends to gain more rolls
  • Watch in-game video ads (the video icon appears when you have no rolls left)
  • Complete board missions for rolls and coins
  • It takes time to replenish rolls, but you’ll be able to play 2-3x/day
  • Completing each building will gain new rolls
  • Rolling on Wild Card or Free dice
  • Follow Dice Dreams on Facebook to get random rewards and rolls

In addition to rolls and coins, getting new Cards and leveling them up is important too. This is automatic as you progress in the game, but the higher level your cards, the more bonuses you can get, resulting in even more coins!

Eventually, you’ll get the Fight card, and this is an opportunity to play a fun mini-game where you play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with another player to earn a lot of coins.

Another tip: Never leave your kingdom unprotected, so be sure to roll for Shields so that while you’re away, incoming attacks can get blocked. If your buildings get destroyed, you’ll have to use coins to repair them, and that’ll hinder you from moving on to the next kingdom.

The Bottom Line

Dice Dreams is a casual, light-hearted, fun, free game that’s perfect to turn on whenever you feel like it. The different kingdom boards are bright, cheery, and uniquely designed, which makes you look forward to unlocking everything and moving on to the next. The controls feel really snappy and responsive as well, which adds to the overall fun.

Download Dice Dreams for free, connect with your friends, and have fun attacking and stealing their coins to advance kingdoms in yours!