Get Paid $2,000 to Live with 100 Cockroaches for 30 Days

We love finding dream gigs for our readers, and while this probably wouldn’t be classified as a “dream” to most people, it’s definitely fascinating. Some of the gigs we’ve found before (but are now past the deadline to apply) were eating tacos for four months or even getting paid to nap. There are many creative gigs out there, but this has been the cringiest find for us yet.

So let the heebie-jeebies and skin-crawling commence while you’re reading this, but if you don’t get grossed out by insects and pests, that only means you’re perfect for this gig, and you could make some money!

Pest Control Company Offering $2,000 for a Cockroach Study

The Pest Informer, a pest control company in Raleigh, NC, is looking for 5-7 households to participate in a 30-day cockroach study. This involves letting the company release 100 American cockroaches into their home and allowing them to test various pest control techniques to see how effective they are.

They’ll pay each household $2,000 for this in addition to filming so they can record their scientific process.

Would you be able to live with around 100 cockroaches for 30 days? They assure eligible participants that they’ll get rid of all the cockroaches they’ve released, even if it’s after the study, free of charge. And that the treatment they use will be family and pet safe.

How to Sign Up to be a Cockroach Treatment Tester

If you think your household could handle this gig and you pass the following requirements, then all you have to do is fill out a simple Google form on their site.

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old and up
  • Own the home you’re in or have written approval from the homeowner
  • Be located in the Continental United States (49 States, including Alaska, excluding Hawaii)
  • Not use any of your own cockroach treatments during the study

There is no clear deadline to apply, but since they’ve released the advertisement on their site, they’ve had more than 2,500 applications in less than a week! The owner, David Floyd, told NPR over email that they didn’t expect to get that many responses.

If the popularity continues, they’ll most likely close the application window shortly, so if you’re interested in participating in the 30-day cockroach study, apply now.

“Fun” Facts About American Cockroaches

While there are 4,000 cockroach species in the world, there are 4 types found in the United States: American, German, Oriental, and the Brown-Banded.

American cockroaches are identified by their color, which is a reddish-brown body with a yellowish figure 8 pattern behind their head. They have 6 legs and wings that they can use for gliding or flying if they feel threatened.

Garbage and moisture attract them, so if cockroaches are seen, there might be a plumbing issue in the house. Unattended food, poorly stored food in the kitchen, and piles of old newspapers and cardboard boxes on the floor and in cupboards can invite them in as well.

If your home does have cockroaches, the average cost can be $150, but depending on the severity, it can go upwards of $6,000! So be diligent about keeping your spaces clean to prevent a potential pest infestation, and you’ll save some money!

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