Dream Job: Spend $8,000 of Someone Else’s Money on Black Friday

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Black Friday is the retail event of the year since it’s basically the Super Bowl for shoppers. To celebrate this year, Coupon Lawn is looking to hire a “Shopping Expert” to go on a one-hour, $8,000 shopping spree on Black Friday. Not only that, you get to keep every item you buy, and the cashback you get from using coupons. Interested in the risk-free shopping spree of a lifetime and a Black Friday dream job?  Here’s what you need to know.

Black Friday Shopping Expert Wanted

Black Friday is famous for crowded department stores, long lines, and chaotic videos of fights over televisions. It’s a true American holiday. But this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it will look a bit unfamiliar. In-store shopping is trending down this year, as Fluent Pulse data shows only a quarter of shoppers plan to primarily use physical stores.

As a result, online shopping is expected to be more prevalent than ever. Facing a changing landscape, Coupon Lawn – a digital couponing site – is hiring a shopping expert to gain insight on how Black Friday shopping might be evolving.

“Through this campaign, we aim to observe the changes in online shopping habits and the effectiveness of coupons during the post-pandemic,” according to the job posting

The shopping expert will be given an $8,000 budget and one hour in which to spend it.

The shopper should be spending at brands where Coupon Lawn offers discounts and must buy products from at least 10 merchants. In addition, you should keep a small diary about your experience and the pros and cons of using coupons and share your notes with Coupon Lawn.

In addition to the thrilling experience of spending eight grand in an hour, you get to keep everything you buy. Plus, any money you save using coupons, Coupon Lawn will reward back to you. You’ll also get shoutouts and praise from Coupon Lawn’s social media channels, as well as a certificate proving your shopping expertise.

Black Friday this year is November 27th, so Coupon Lawn is accepting applications until 11:59 EST on the 26th.

Applying to Shop on Black Friday

The ideal candidate is a frequent shopper and strong decision-maker. Spending $8,000 in 60 minutes isn’t as easy as it sounds, so Coupon Lawn is looking for someone up to the task. You must also have experience using coupons or online promo deals, and be a U.S. resident.

The application is a bit more hands-on than average. In addition to filling out some basic information about yourself, Coupon Lawn would also like you to send a 60-second video and a 300-word essay. Your video submission should introduce yourself and share some interesting info, while the essay should be dedicated to proving why you’d make the perfect shopping expert.

The video submission is optional, but will really help your application stand out. The same goes for social media – you don’t have to link to any of your channels, but doing so will help your app!

The dream job winner will be selected by the morning of Black Friday, and Coupon Lawn will contact them with further information.

To see all the rules and regulations, or send in your application, click here!

Is Coupon Lawn Trustworthy? 

A gig like this sounds good to be true, like a literal “dream” job. While we can understand if you’re skeptical, Coupon Lawn is a legit, respectable online couponing site. At any time, there are thousands of real, active coupon codes ready to use on the site.

And while the shopper clearly gets a great deal out of this job, Coupon Lawn does stand to gain as well. As mentioned above, the company is running the gig to gain insight into understanding consumer habits.

In addition, Coupon Lawn earns some commission on sales made through the platform, so they’ll make some money as you spend without any additional cost to you. If you want a glimpse at some of the categories and companies that Coupon Lawn offers deals at, you can check their active coupons anytime.

The Bottom Line

Many people dream of a Black Friday shopping spree but never have the available cash to really make it happen. Now it’s possible – and you won’t have to spend any of your own money but still keep whatever you buy.

Happy shopping!

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