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There are more platforms dedicated to helping job seekers find work than ever. Where there was once only a handful of sites like Monster, there are now dozens of job search platforms. Right now, however, finding work is difficult as fewer companies are hiring and fewer jobs exist. Finding the right job board for your career search is far more critical than using five different sites that don’t help accomplish your goals.

One strong, but lesser-known option these days is Express Employment Professionals. The staffing company was founded in 1983 and has since helped 8 million people find jobs, and it could help put you to work next.

What is Express Employment Professionals? 

Express Employment is a staffing agency active in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Unlike a traditional job board like Indeed that presents jobs to you and allows you to apply, staffing agencies work directly with companies and job seekers, ideally facilitating an easier search on both sides.

Express Employment works with employers across most industries, including skilled labor, industrial work, office work, and more. There are also full- and part-time jobs available, so you should be able to find something that fits your needs and interests. Each year, Express employs more than half a million people, according to the company.

How Does Express Employment Work?

Express touts its ease of use and the flexibility it affords job seekers. Once you create an account, Express Employment will connect you with jobs in your area that fit your skills and needs. One of the key features is the relationship you’ll build with Express’s recruiters. Express staff offer career development and interview advice, in addition to personalized job placement. Not only will you be able to find good work, but you’ll also develop the skills and connections to continue advancing.

Notably, Express Employment doesn’t charge job seekers anything. Competitors like FlexJobs offer similar services, but for a fee. That includes job seekers aided by the Specialized Recruiting Group, Express’s team dedicated to collaborating with highly skilled workers.

Express also offers benefits to its associates, including medical care, retirement plans, paid holidays, and referral bonuses. Combined with the robust job placement, these benefits make Express stand out compared to other staffing agencies.

In addition to the job connection aspect, Express Employment also has opportunities for people to start staffing franchises of their own. Today, there are more than 800 Express Employment franchises across the world. Only wealthier people can own a franchise (you need a net worth of at least $250,000), but the program highlights Express’s commitment to putting people in a position to succeed. You can learn more about franchising opportunities here.

Is the Platform Legit?

One of the best ways to check how effective a staffing agency is is to look at reviews from past employees. On both Indeed and Glassdoor, Express Employment has a 3.8-star rating (out of 5) from people who have worked with the company.

Most of the reviews are very positive, and the negatives usually include short term work contracts or lower-than-expected pay. Generally, however, most workers placed by Express Employment report a professional experience and typical 9-to-5 work. Many also point out the earning potential for skilled workers and the great communication with Express staff.

Since each reviewer’s experience is based on their nearest Express office, focus on reviews in your area to get a sense of what your job search with Express may look like.

No job board or staffing service can guarantee you a job, but Express works hard to present viable work opportunities for all job seekers.

How Does Express Make Money?

So if they don’t charge users, how are they making money? In fact, companies, not job seekers, pay Express. The money is used for staff salary, payroll tax, workers compensation, unemployment, and other costs. Employers are willing to pay for high-quality talent, and Express doesn’t take anything from its associates.

The Bottom Line

Searching for a job, particularly in 2020, can be a difficult process. Express Employment Professionals will not only help you find work, but the company will also provide a strong benefits package and help prep you for future career development. Whereas many job boards send you off to find work alone, Express helps you navigate the journey even after you’ve been placed in a job.

The client care, lack of fees, and a wide variety of jobs make Express worth trying for anyone in need of work.

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