[Mockup] Get Reliable 5G Home Internet Service for Just $50 a Month. Zero Cost to Switch and 15-Day Test Drive

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New customer promotions from service providers are the best way to keep costs low, as well as take advantage of the perks and bonuses. In this case, did you know T-Mobile offers 5G home internet for a competitive price? It’s available to 30 million households nationwide.

You don’t need to be a current T-Mobile customer and if your address is eligible, you could get a pretty sweet deal to switch internet providers!

Try Before You Buy with 15-Day Test Drive

Test out the 5G difference with their 15-day Test Drive and if for some reason, you prefer your old speed, cancel within the trial period, and you’ll get your money back.

The T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Plan is just $50/month with Autopay or $55/month without Autopay. That’s a savings of $60/year if you do Autopay!

Customers can expect the price plan to stay consistent with no hidden fees, no annual contract needed, no data caps, along with 24/7 customer support. No more calling your home internet provider after a year, to coax them into giving you a lower rate!

Limited Time Offer of $50 Back

New customers can take advantage of their limited-time promotion of getting $50 back for their first month’s payment if they switch to T-Mobile Home Internet, essentially getting the first month free.

You’ll get a $50 virtual prepaid Mastercard® along with the hardware for wi-fi set up at no extra cost and free shipping.

15 Minutes from Box to Browse

To start using T-Mobile’s internet service, you’ll get the T-Mobile 5G Gateway device from the store or shipped to your doorstep for free. Set up is simple and takes just 15 minutes to set up and straight to internet browsing.

With the 5G Gateway device, you can connect up to 64 devices (phones, computers, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, etc) to your home’s wi-fi! No more booting off someone to use the internet.

No Cost to Switch Providers & Bonus Perks

T-Mobile makes it easy to switch, and they’ll even pay your termination fees up to $500. This means you can break up with your provider with no penalty!

Not only will you get reliable speeds for WFH, video streaming, web surfing, and most types of online gaming, but you’ll also get these perks.

  • The $50/month price drops to $30/month if you sign up with 2+ Magenta MAX lines for the family (their most popular voice plan!)
  • One free year of Paramount+ streaming ($59.88 value!)
  • Four free months of SiriusXM ($43.96 value!)
  • Live TV from Philo for $15/month for 12 months (Normally $25/month) which offers 60+ live and on-demand channels, plus unlimited DVR

We have not seen a better first-time customer promotion for home internet anywhere else with the $50 first month back, free hardware, and extra perks, so take advantage of it before it ends!