Get Paid $10K for 3 Months to…Poop (Seriously)

A job you can give a crap about. Literally.

Puns aside, and there are plenty in their job description, you can finally make your dream come true of getting paid to poop. Aka #2. Aka dropping off the kids.

You already know we post a lot of unique dream gigs but this is the first one to be responsible for sitting on the porcelain throne and talking about what happens.

Dream Gig: VP of Fecal Matters

TUSHY is the modern bidet brand that’s looking for a new VP of Fecal Matters to help continue their mission of reducing global wastefulness and turning people into bidet-lovers.

Since Americans use 57 sheets of toilet paper on average EVERY DAY, that’s 1.5 rolls a week.

It also takes 37 gallons of water to produce 1 toilet paper roll.

At the beginning of the pandemic when there was a toilet paper frenzy, people started turning to bidets to clean their tush and they never looked back.

What The Poo-sition Entails

This will be a 3-month part-time contract position that pays $10,000.

You’ll need to do your daily normal throne time, of course, but also analyze and document your own habits.

In addition to:

  • Testing TUSHY products against other bathroom products
  • Create video content for social media
  • Testing myths about gut health
  • Interviewing family and friends about their pooping habits

Depending on how many times you go a day, you’re looking at about 30-60 minutes a day of commitment.

How to Apply 

Head over here to their punny application and submit a 60-90 second video of why you’d be the best candidate for the role!

The deadline to apply is July 7, 2020. (Ages 21+)

The top 5 applicants will then be selected to do a Zoom interview. Interviews take place on July 14th and the public can actually attend! Those interested in listening in can keep an eye out for the invite on their Instagram.

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