Get Paid $19,000 to Yacht and Ski the World

A dock with three large yachts moored

If all the Instagram travel photos have given you wanderlust fever, here’s an opportunity to apply for the best job ever that’ll have you traveling most of 2020. Yes, you get paid almost $2K a month, and that’s on top of your other expenses getting covered!

Day 8, the company behind The Yacht Week and The Ski Week, are looking for two creative people to travel next year to document their events for the brand’s social media.

These events, floating festivals as well as ski events at the world’s best ski towns, include destinations like Croatia, Greece, Canada, Austria, Montenegro, and more.

A family on a ski trail

They’re looking for people who enjoy photography, videography or both that can work from February to October next year. If you’re not quite sure of your skills, you’ll also get access to photography classes as well as one-on-one mentorships with leading industry professionals!

“You don’t have to be a seasoned pro to apply, as long as you have a creative eye and the desire to learn,” said Will Weeks, director of Marketing and Technology at The Yacht Week and The Ski Week.

The 2 grand prize winners must be age 21 at the time of travel, have a valid passport, a creative eye, love people and of course, traveling.

While the salary isn’t a huge amount of money, once you factor in transportation, lodging, meals, and other expenses, it’s a great opportunity to work and travel at the same time.

Good luck! The deadline is November 1, 2019 so don’t sleep on applying for the best job ever.

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