Cheers, Witches! How to Have Your Next Best Halloween Party on a Budget

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

Witches, warlocks, and whatever frightful (or not) creature you want to embody this Halloween, it’s time to p-a-r-t-y!

Embrace your inner Martha Stewart (minus the convictions) to throw a spooktacular bash that’ll both be fun and budget-friendly to your wallet. Cause, let’s face it, the last three months of the year can drain our accounts fast.

Thrift stores, Amazon Prime, dollar stores, and just even in your own home and closet will be your friends to get this party started.

Let’s Talk About Decor

It’s not just about dimming the lights and calling it a night, although that does help!

Since we’re all about saving money, here’s what we picked to give your Halloween party just enough flair, and with proper care, these can be re-used for next year.

Fake Spider Webs

Image from Amazon

This super stretchy fake spider web is a steal at under $5 and will ship free if you have Amazon Prime (free for 30 days if you don’t have it)!

Add it to the corners of your place, your main food/drink table, windows, anywhere that needs a little “icky” feeling. Pop some spiders in there, and you’ve got the creepy-crawly in full effect.

You can even hang it just above the door where everyone comes in, so they’ll have to feel that creepy sensation too!

Lighting to Set the Mood

Image from Amazon

When most of your party is going to be dark, you’ll need some mood lighting here and there.

These ghost lights are only $5.99 and have 8 different modes like flashing, slow-glow and steady-on. They’re even waterproof if you want to hang ’em outside, and they’ll automatically turn off after six hours in case, you know, you’re too inebriated to clean up.

Not digging the ghosts? There’s also pumpkin lights for $8.99 and if you want something simpler, with the ability to spread out lighting more, there are LED-powered tea lights that are under $10 for a pack of 24 in all sorts of colors.

Stickers to Spruce Up Your DEAD Space

Image from Amazon

These re-usable 3D bat stickers ($11.99 for a pack of 28 pieces) will make any surface spookier and you can angle the wings however you want to achieve the “just-about-to-take-flight” look.

Put them near mood lighting, add them to windows, doors, even ceilings to add that “what’s missing?” touch.

Hat tip from an Amazon reviewer: Don’t put these near air vents or the continuous airflow might send these bats on a real flight!

If you want a bit of gore, check out these bloody stickers to show that a zombie attack is rampant.

Draw on Balloons

Image from Hip2Save

A great way to fill up space is to use balloons, and since themed balloons can get expensive, just take plain ones and draw on them!

Here’s a pack of 100 orange balloons for $10.99 that you’ll be able to use for multiple parties.

Put a sharpie or paint pen to them to create different jack o’ lantern faces, or get white balloons to draw ghost faces. If you got the bat stickers, pop some on to these!

Creepy Table Runner

Your main table that people will gather around for snacks and drinks will be the centerpiece, so consider this cool spiderweb lacy table runner for $6 that can be re-used each year.

And don’t worry about spillage. This thing is machine washable!

Bottle Labels to Confuse the Hell Out of Your Guests

These easy-to-stick on bottle labels will make your drink station to die for *muahahhaha*

They’ll fit wine bottles, beer bottles, larger cans, pitchers, and more!

Confuse your guests completely or have little descriptive signs next to them OR you can create a fun station for a “guess that drink” game where the person with the most right answers can win a prize.

Food Decorations to Add More Touches

Add some ghoulish delights to your food with these easy to stab toppers ($6.99 plus 5% off coupon!)

With a pack of 72, you’ll have plenty to play with. Stab them onto cupcakes, brownies, any soft-ish item that can support the toothpick. (Avoid poking zombies though – they don’t react well.)

Extend the life of these toppers by decorating a styrofoam ball or square too!

Photo Prop Accessories For all The Selfies

There’s probably gonna be that one person who doesn’t dress up, but regardless, photo booth accessories are always fun and welcome! This pack of 66 is just $8.99 and can be re-used next year if your guests aren’t insane with them.

Thrift Store Finds

Head to your local thrift store and see if you can find a large punch bowl because no Halloween party is complete without that! Even better if it’s a clear crystal-looking one or a cauldron for your brew. For extra credit, get some dry ice to have that eerie mist effect.

While you’re there, keep an eye out for any antique-looking items that’ll give your space some haunted house feels.

Your Closet/Home Finds

There’s no need to splurge on a costume when you can go into your closet to look for pieces to build upon. Got a black dress? Add a witch’s hat, and BOOM, you’re done. Draw a mole on your chin for extra effect.

Or don an all-black outfit, add a cape, slick back your hair, and BOOM, you’re a vampire. Uncomfortable plastic fangs are voluntary.

But if you do want more choices, check out the 13 Best Costumes We Found on Amazon.

Got some old plastic carton milk jugs at home? Cut the top off, draw some spooky faces, and put a tealight in it!

If you have little cutie tangerines, draw jack o’ lantern faces on them, and it’ll be a nice snack for guests to bring home.

Re-use mason jars or any clear jar to hold candies or creepy things like eyeballs and (plastic) fingers.

Have a bump-in-the-night good time!