Get the Best Shave of Your Life with this Free Razor

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I use men’s razors for my legs. This is how I get around the silly “Pink Tax” that plagues female products. Just because it’s “pretty looking” or geared towards women, doesn’t mean I want to pay more for it!

In fact, my boyfriend and I use the SAME brand of men’s razor just for different purposes. I find that men’s razors provide a much closer shave due to the placement of the blades and I can have smooth legs for days!

We’ve both tried many brands, but we’ve found a favorite that seriously gives us the best shave at an affordable price point.

Ladies and gents, meet Harry’s Razors.

These German-made razors are crafted into one of the world’s sharpest blades due to their high-grade steel. This makes the razor super precise and thus, my super smooth legs are the beautiful result!

Do you like leaving your razor in the shower? 

I do too, but my previous lady razors quickly rusted. With Harry’s Razors, they have a protective coating on it that prevents rusting! Awesome!

Do you want a free razor?

Of course, you do! Otherwise, how will you know that you’re going to get the best shave of your life?

Right now, our readers can get a free Harry’s Razor kit trial that includes:

  • Truman Razor
  • Blade Cover
  • Travel size Shave Gel with Aloe

All you cover is the $3 shipping, which is chump change because just the razor itself is valued at $9! And you’re getting 2 extra products! This is a steal and definitely worth your time to get this high-quality razor.

Although you’ll be asked to add on some blades, you’ll have 2.5 weeks to cancel if for any reason you don’t like the razor!

Free Trial of Harry’s Razor

There are COLORS!

I’m partial to the orange-colored handle but my boyfriend likes the olive-colored one. There’s also a navy-colored one.

You can be forgetful.

There have been times when I don’t keep track of my blades and I’ve run out when I really needed a shave.

Now I don’t need to think about it because Harry’s sends them home at an interval of every 2 months, 3 months or 5 months. You can choose depending on your needs. My boyfriend picks every 2 months because he goes through blades quicker than I do.

Get Your Free Trial Kit

Seriously, there’s nothing to think about. You can get this Harry’s 3 piece razor kit valued at $13 for only $3 because shipping is a necessity to get it into your hands.

Get it for yourself, or get it for your significant other. Everyone needs razors! Once you get it, you’ll experience the best shave of your life.