Going Back to School Safely and Supplied

Illustration of four children holding symbols of back to school
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Although most kids are going back to school in the next few weeks, there’s a lot of uncertainty as to what that will look like. The only thing we know for sure is that back to school will not mean back to normal. States are still debating whether or not to re-open schools for the fall, whether fully or partially.

Open schools could include masks and social distancing. Otherwise, kids and parents may have to pivot to full-remote learning for the fall. Whatever happens, will be unprecedented, but in any event, you should be prepared.

Back to School Shopping Trends

More than half of parents actually don’t expect their kids to be back in classrooms this fall, according to a survey from MFour Mobile Research. Regardless, the average parent is expecting to spend more on supplies than they did last year.

Not only that, but many parents plan to spend differently this year. If kids can’t spend the day in a classroom, they’ll need a lot to occupy themselves at home. MFour found that more than half of parents planned to spend more this year on board games, books, and toys than they did last year.

Obviously back to school shopping is still vital, and there are tools you’ll need whether your child is in a classroom or at home. Some states even have tax-free weekends coming up to lower the cost of school supplies. If you’re not sure where to start this year, here are some of the best supplies and accessories for the new school year.

AmazonBasics School Supply Bundle

Regardless of the classroom setup, you can’t go wrong with this basic package of supplies. The bundle includes 30 pencils, 24 colored pencils, 12 glue sticks, and six folders. Other bundles come with notebooks and pens instead of glue sticks and colored pencils, so you can choose whatever works best based on your child’s age!

Crayola Super Art Coloring Kit

This Crayola kit will make your child the envy of all his or her classmates in the classroom, or provide you with tons of colorful educational tools at home. Part of the challenge this year will be keeping fully engaged under unusual circumstances, and an art set like this that can foster creativity in projects is perfect.

meakeize Kid’s Face Masks

If your children are going to be in classrooms this year, they’ll likely need face masks too. While you may have spare masks lying around, getting designed masks like the ones meakieize offers can help your kids express themselves while staying safe. Meakieze offers 21 different mask two-packs, so you’re bound to find the perfect fit for your kids.

Educational Puzzles

Finding ways to blend entertainment with education will be key for kids of all ages this year. That’s why Serious Puzzle’s wide range of educational jigsaws are perfect for your kids if they’ll be learning from home. Puzzles range in difficulty and size, so there’s variety for kids at any level. Some are as small as a 55-piece map of the U.S., and others are more complex like this 1,000 piece picture of the moon.

JanSport SuperBreak One Backpack

Backpacks are essential, and nobody brings affordability and quality together like JanSport. Backpacks are obviously more necessary for classroom learning, but it can be a good idea to get your child a new backpack this year even if they’ll be learning from home. Going through the routine of loading and unloading a bookbag can help normalize home learning, and separate play time from school time.

Sharpie Liquid Highlighters

Highlighters are an awesome studying tool that are great for students of all ages. They’re great for kids who need to take notes or study readings for class, but they can double as a tool for parents as well. If your children are taking classes at home, you can work with them on assignments and use highlighters to correct errors and lead them in the right direction. With so many different colors, you can choose one that your kids will identify with your marks!