These States Have Tax-Free Back to School Shopping Weekends in August

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Ramakant Sharda

Back to school shopping consumes a lot of time and money. To help alleviate some of that burden, many states have tax holidays in August. Often these breaks apply to a number of products but can be most easily utilized by thrifty school shoppers.

Here are the states offering tax breaks this month. Some states start as early as 12:01 a.m. on the first day listed, so check your individual state’s policy to see when you can hit the store!


When: August 1-2

What: School Supplies, School Art Supplies, School Instructional Materials, and clothing


When: August 16-22

What: Clothing and footwear (up to $100 per item)


When: August 7-9

WhatSchool supplies (up to $15 per item), clothing, footwear and accessories ($60 per item), the first $1,000 on personal computers


When: August 7-8

What: Clothing and footwear (up to $100 per item)


When: August 9-15

What: Backpacks (first $40), clothing and footwear (up to $100 per item)


When: August 29-30

What: Certain retail items up to $2,500


When: August 7-9

What: School supplies (up to $50 per item), personal computers (up to $1,500), clothing (up to $100 per), graphing calculators (up to $150)

New Mexico

When: August 7-9

What: School supplies ($30 per item), Clothing (up to $100), Computers (up to $1,000), Computer equipment (up to $500)


When: August 7-9

What: School supplies ($20 per item), clothing ($75 per item)


When: August 7-9

What: Clothing and footwear ($100 per item)

South Carolina

When: August 7-9

What: Clothing, accessories, shoes, back to school supplies, backpacks, and computers


When: July 31-August 2

What: School supplies and clothing ($100 per item), computers (up to $1,500)


When: August 7-9

What: School supplies, clothing and backpacks ($100 per item)


When: August 7-9

What: School supplies ($20 per item), hurricane preparedness supplies ($60 per item), generators (up to $1,000) and Energy Star or WaterSense products (up to $2,500)

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