How Facebook Can Help You Land Your Next Job

Tracy Le Blanc

You might use Facebook for a variety of reasons, like keeping in touch with family and friends, ranting about politics, or watching funny videos.

Now, Facebook can help prepare you for a job. The social media megacompany launched Learn With Facebook to help train users for digital marketing and career development.

Lessons combine practical knowledge with advice from industry experts to give you the best learning experience. All you need to sign up is your Facebook account, and lessons are totally free. 

Getting started is easy. The first course you can take is an 11-minute lesson on social media marketing, which is a great primer to get a feel for the program.

Of course, you’ll need something to prove you completed the courses. That’s why Facebook awards you badges that you can use to bolster your resume. (For more information on badges and credentials, check out this article.)

Facebook has come a long way from the days of Farmville and cat memes, and Learn With Facebook is just the latest step. Last year the site launched Jobs on Facebook, which allows users to post or find jobs in their area. 

Now instead of just helping you find a job, Facebook can help get you ready for it too. And you can still use it for cat memes. 

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