Make Money Playing…Solitaire? How They Got Paid Over $200,000

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Game apps are the ultimate time suck but if you’re playing the ones that have actual payouts, well, consider yourself ahead of the competition.

Old classics have now been revamped for the modern world and even better, you can make some real cash just by playing on your phone! 

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Here are some of our favorites worth your time:

She Won Over $380,000 Last Year in this App

Username “KatieNguyen” took home $380,984 last year just by playing a mobile game.

Her game of choice? Solitaire Cube.

It’s like speed Solitaire played on your phone and it’s amazingly fun. Whether you win or lose, you’ll earn Tickets.

These can be redeemed for real-world prizes like gift cards, bonus cash to use in real cash tournaments, Flat Screen Smart TVs, even actual CARS and more!

Real Cash with Solitaire

This is where things get even more interesting.

You can register to play in real Cash Tournaments for Solitaire where the game matches you with similarly-skilled players. Since it’s fair matching, your chance of winning is even higher.

“I won $353.20 just after depositing $10 to start playing! It’s amazingly fun and simple to start earning winnings,” said Madi C, who’s been playing for only a few weeks and was a novice Solitaire player.

Simon J., who loved playing regular Solitaire cards, switched over to playing Solitaire Cube on his phone and have already earned over $500 after the first deposit.

So if you think you can handle playing some Solitaire to win some legit cash, definitely download this game for free.

Cash tournaments not available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, ME, MT, SC, SD, TN, IN.