How This Mom Won $6,000 Cash, a 55” TV, and More Playing One Game

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For Amanda, it’s been a whirlwind year and a half.

She traveled often for work as an accountant, gave birth to her second child, juggles home life with her husband, young children, and the family dog in Illinois, and oh yea won a lot of money from playing Skillz’ Solitaire Cube on iOS.

“I was nursing my firstborn and scrolling through Instagram at 3 AM when I saw an ad that said, ‘Play Solitaire for real money,’” she remembers. “I was thinking ehhh sounds too good to be true, but I’ll download and see what it’s about.”

She loved it.

So what’s the game?

Solitaire Cube (iOS only) is speed Solitaire played against another real person around the world of the same skill level. Get a higher score within five minutes and you win. Games can be played for free or players can enter cash tournaments that could result in major prizes as it did for Amanda.

Being the cautious person that she is, Amanda spent the rest of the morning researching Skillz’ legitimacy and if it was legal in her state. If she won money in the game and can’t withdraw, what’s the point, right? All research came up to her satisfaction and she went for it.

First, she spent time playing the free games to get a feel of the system and then moved on to 60 cent games and higher. “I realized that, hey I’m actually pretty good at this when I won first place in a May 2018 tournament and got a Tiffany necklace!” Amanda said.

She started playing more regularly, usually while multi-tasking like during nursing, watching TV, or on the train.

Amanda started winning more

It wasn’t until later that year when her husband took her Solitaire Cube time more seriously. “He would be annoyed that I’d be on the phone playing,” she recalled, “but I love the competitiveness of it. I’m always playing against new people on my level and I never get bored because of it. The cash also helps!”

The turning point for her husband? When she won a 55” Ultra HD TV as a first-place prize in a $3 entry tournament.

“I didn’t know it was something she could be so successful at,” her husband laughed. “I should never have doubted her.”

Amanda went on to win even more cash money to cover Christmas presents that season while prepping for their second child to arrive in February 2019.

“So far, I’ve won $6,000 in cash, along with the other prizes. Just last month, I redeemed over $1,000 in Amazon gift cards too,” she said, still in a “wow it really happened” tone.

In Solitaire Cube, you can win cash along with using Ticketz (in-game currency) to redeem for prizes. This is what Amanda did to maximize her winnings.

“I used $2,000 of my winnings to add carpet to our home. Normally, we wouldn’t spend that type of money right before a baby’s arrival but Solitaire Cube helped make it happen. Now I don’t have to worry about falling down slippery stairs with a newborn!”

Even during labor, she won

And speaking of her newborn, guess what Amanda played to take her mind off the pain?

While she was in labor for seven hours, she spent a majority of her time playing Solitaire Cube even right up until 15 minutes of giving birth to her second child. “My epidural had worn off and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I just wanted my music and the game to keep me focused on anything else.”

That focus helped her win a couple of hundred dollars and a great story to tell her daughter.

Her advice for new players interested in Solitaire Cube? “Don’t be afraid to give it a shot,” she says. “They match you with people at your own level so it’s fair. Looking back, I should’ve started the cash games sooner because I could’ve started earning even more!”

Now that Amanda has to go back to work, will she still be playing in her downtime?

“Definitely. They’re quick games. It challenges me, it’s fun and rewarding. Win-win.”

Watch Amanda’s full story here:

If you want to give Solitaire Cube a shot, download for free here. Cash tournaments aren’t available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, FL, LA, ME, MD, MT, SC, SD, TN, IN.