Save Thousands on Car Repairs With This Top 10 Ranked Extended Car Warranty

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When the honeymoon phase and the too-short dealership car warranty quickly wears off after 3-4 years, that’s when you know that expensive car repairs will hit you soon.

The older the car, the more maintenance it needs, so when stuff starts breaking post-warranty protect yourself with an extended car warranty.

This only makes sense for those planning on keeping their car around for a while but you can save yourself thousands of dollars on car repairs when you search for an extended warranty on Complete Car Warranty and get a free quote.

All you need to do is fill in your vehicle’s make, model, and mileage to get quotes on extended warranties that cover unlimited repair claims and gets accepted at all dealers and mechanics.

Also? Consumers Advocate ranked them as Top 10 for 2019 Car Warranties!

Take it from Matt of Buffalo, NY who said, “I was worried what would be covered when the car troubles would hit. Luckily though, my fears were unfounded, and this wasn’t the case at all when I had a coolant system problem. The low monthly payments for the plan made it easy to handle vs giving the dealership all of my money with their ridiculous rates.”

Allison of Seaford, NY said, “I was having a lot of trouble finding affordable coverage for my 2010 Ford Taurus. I spoke to a Complete Car Warranty rep right away and they were so friendly and patient! They worked with me on a good monthly payment and the coverage was more than I expected.”

Marshall of Emporia, KS previously had horrible experiences with warranty companies in the past as they wouldn’t fix his car. Then he found Complete Car Warranty. “I bought their warranty and 5 weeks later I had some mechanical issues and they got it fixed right away. They were prompt and courteous. Extremely happy that I found this warranty company and I’ll never buy from anyone again!!”

So get peace of mind driving your not-so-new car and save yourself costly repairs by getting an extended warranty! You’ll also save up to 60% by going direct too.

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