Play the #1 Mobile Board Game in the World

TL;DR: MONOPOLY GO is a free, casual mobile game ranked consistently at number 1 in the board game category with over 100 million downloads! It’s a reimagined take on Hasbro’s beloved board game MONOPOLY and was officially the biggest mobile game launch of 2023 since it rolled past $1 billion in revenue. Roll the dice and get (virtually) rich in the game by exploring new boards and building cities on the go! Play with family and friends in co-op events; it’s fun for everyone.

4.8 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Operating System
Free w/ in-app purchases
Board Game


Free and fun mobile board game based on the iconic MONOPOLY gameYou can only choose from 3 game Tokens at the start of the game (Racecar, Battleship, and Top Hat). More Tokens get unlocked as you play the game.
Anyone 9+ can play, and it’s fun for everyone5 free rolls are generated every hour (earn more rolls via Events, Daily Treats, Friend Invites, Free Gifts, and more)
Familiar elements of Monopoly are updated with fun twists
Auto-roll dice and watch your token move around the board and collect money
Build landmarks, wreck rivals’ property, and bring in the profits
Mini-games include Shut Down, Bank Heist, and Jackpot to earn even more money
This version is faster to play since all the money is automatically counted for you and you’re not haggling for properties!

MONOPOLY is a household name, and now you can take the iconic board game wherever you are with MONOPOLY GO! The game was developed and published by Scopely in collaboration with Hasbro, and it has become the biggest mobile game launch of 2023, earning it the #1 mobile game title in the world.

It features the classic elements you would expect from the board game but updated with even more fun features like faster gameplay, attacking and stealing from rivals, and exploring new boards themed after famous cities and imaginative landmarks. The graphics and animations are smooth, snappy, and extremely pleasing to play!

Mr. Monopoly will guide you in building your Net Worth (a.k.a levels representing your progress), taking down the competition, and more. There are currently 3,700 Net Worth levels and 130 different boards to explore. You won’t get bored with constant updates and support for the game!

How to Play MONOPOLY GO:

  • Download MONOPOLY GO, and after a simple in-game walkthrough, you’ll be rolling the dice, moving around the game board, and building your cities in no time.
  • The game does much of the work for you, which is a nice break from regular Monopoly!
  • Depending on the roll, you’ll attack, steal, or collect rent to earn money to build your board cities.
  • Level up your landmarks as much as you can and collect Shields to protect yourself

MONOPOLY GO’s Beginner’s Tips!

  • Level up your Net Worth by buying landmarks and completing boards
  • Don’t leave any money behind before you log out, as it can get stolen from rivals
  • Collect stickers from tournaments, live events, and more. When you complete the sets, you get amazing rewards. When you complete the albums, you get HUGE rewards! You’ll also be able to trade stickers with friends and family.
  • Always collect your Free Gift in the store every 8 hours to get free rolls and money.
  • During Bank Heists, pick the 4 corners first and work your way around
  • With every city you unlock, you’ll have 5 buildings to build and upgrade. Each upgrade puts a tiny house on your map, so the more you have, the more your rolls will be profitable!
  • Use the triple multiplier for rolls to roll up to three dice instead of one, and also triple your rewards.
  • Free dice are given away on MONOPOLY GO’s official Facebook page, Discord, and Instagram, so check those pages for free dice links.

Gameplay Milestones 

  • At Net Worth Level 5, Auto Roll is unlocked. You can hold down the roll button once, and it’ll automatically roll the dice. No more tapping!
  • At Net Worth Level 15, the “Free Gift” in the Store is unlocked. You can claim your Free Gift every 8 hours, and rewards often include valuable dice rolls and money!
  • At Net Worth Level 25, “Daily Treats” is unlocked. You’ll get rewarded for logging in daily and collecting prizes from the calendar.
  • At Net Worth Level 45, the Roll Capacity is upgraded. Increases the amount of dice you can hold from 30 to 40.
  • At Net Worth Level 60, the Go Tile is unlocked. The Go Tile will be placed on the board, and you’ll collect money every time you pass it!

Complete List of Boards in MONOPOLY GO

Unlocking MONOPOLY GO boards increases your Net Worth, and exploring new themes is fun! Here’s a list of the 130 boards currently in the game. Enjoy discovering them all!

  1. New York City
  2. London
  3. Venice
  4. Paris
  5. M. Industries
  6. Camelot
  7. The Old West
  8. Rio De Janeiro
  9. House of D. Ore
  10. Frostgard Fjords
  11. Prosperity Drive
  12. Macabre Manor
  13. Arabian Nights
  14. Tokyo
  15. Little M’s Room
  16. Monaco
  17. Atlantis
  18. Madrid
  19. The SS Goldwater
  20. Hair Salon
  21. Ulysses’ Travels
  22. New Orleans Nights
  23. Los Angeles
  24. Celestia
  25. Ceasar’s Rome
  26. Montreal
  27. Pleasantville
  28. Doubloon Bay
  29. Brussels
  30. New York Nights
  31. Monopolis 3000
  32. Washington D.C.
  33. Mt. Monopolis
  34. The North Pole
  35. Block City
  36. Las Vegas
  37. Alchemy Academy
  38. Egypt
  39. Amsterdam
  40. Lunar City
  41. Storybook Woods
  42. Monopoly World
  43. San Antonio
  44. Maine
  45. Sunset Fjords
  46. M’s Club
  47. The Roaring 20’s
  48. All Citizens Bank
  49. Massimo’s
  50. Seoul
  51. Electra Mall
  52. Monopolton’s Ball
  53. Pooch Park
  54. Putts O’ Plenty
  55. Sweets Factory
  56. Garden Gala
  57. Catfe
  58. Tokyo Glow
  59. Mr. M’s Cave
  60. New Orleans
  61. Treetops Resort
  62. 70 Million BC
  63. M. Elementary
  64. Fire Isle
  65. Thimble Farms
  66. Fit-It Heights
  67. Worn Woods
  68. Earth Village
  69. Istanbul
  70. M. General
  71. Boardwalk
  72. Dark Vale
  73. Apel’s Orchard
  74. Camp Greenback
  75. Air Acres
  76. Marrakesh
  77. M. Aquarium
  78. Gnomeburg
  79. Clutter Coast
  80. Water Woodlands
  81. Scottie’s Mansion
  82. Monopoly U
  83. Bavaria
  84. Creature Kingdom
  85. Sofia’s Shop
  86. Martian Colony
  87. Pleasant Pastures
  88. Buenos Aires
  89. Izakaya
  90. M’s Museum
  91. Monopulon 5
  92. San Francisco
  93. Pawfee Shop Electric Company
  94. Norse Nebula
  95. Sunset Shores
  96. Token Factory
  97. Aquapolis
  98. La Mancha
  99. Barcelona
  100. Executive Isle
  101. Crystal Depths
  102. The Waterworks
  103. Fire Isle Nights
  104. Philadelphia
  105. Haunted Hamlet
  106. Winter Village
  107. M Jewelers
  108. San Francisco Nights
  109. Chef Showdown
  110. Monopoly Studios
  111. Antarctica
  112. Gnomeburg Nights
  113. Reader’s Roastery
  114. Seville
  115. Galactic Flats
  116. Ancient Egypt Nights
  117. Small Business
  118. Seashell Islands
  119. LA Premiere
  120. Boo U
  121. Maui
  122. Victorian Age
  123. Sherwood Forest
  124. Monopoly Con
  125. Train Town
  126. Buenos Aires Nights
  127. Aquapolis
  128. Atlantis
  129. Gnomeburg Heights
  130. Monopolton’s Ball