Too Good To Go Review: Save On Your Favorite Foods While Reducing Food Waste

When you eat at your favorite restaurant each week, it’s naturally going to put a dent in your wallet.

But what if you could save on some of your favorite Friday meals while reducing your carbon footprint?

With Too Good To Go, customers can dine out and help reduce food waste worldwide one plate at a time.

Let’s dive into this app’s details!

What Is Too Good To Go?

Launched in Denmark in 2015, Too Good To Go, or TGTG is an innovative platform that keeps food waste out of your local landfill. With 40% ending up in the trash each year, every small effort we make helps.

The platform partners with local restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops in over 17 countries and over 40,000 restaurants. Instead of throwing their leftovers away, the app helps them create “surprise bags” for a reduced price.

Imagine getting your $15 Friday takeout for a mere $5 to $8!

Beyond getting discounted meals, members can participate in a broader movement to save the planet!

How Does The App Help You Save?

TGTG is a dream come true for both thrifty foodies who love to try something new and the environment-conscious consumer.

Each surprise bag offers a variety of foods for a fraction of what it usually costs.

You can find bargains everywhere, from a few slices at your local pizza shop to fresh bagels from a bakery.

And since establishments want to clear out stock, you’ll get more food than expected for the price. These generous portions make it ideal for storing in the freezer or sharing with a friend or two!

Is Too Good To Go Legit?

TGTG has a solid foundation, partnered with thousands of food establishments, and has over 2 million users worldwide.

The app creates a win-win scenario, making it incredibly easy for members to get hooked and check out which local restaurant offers the best deals. Local restaurants are also profiting from items that might have been thrown away!

Many of their members also report having a great experience with the app:

“Super friendly staff that was helpful because it was my first time ordering from Too Good To Go! The items were unique but looked delicious; they even gave us recipes to go with the items in the bag! Will definitely be returning to purchase more items,” says Macey from Trustpilot.

How To Sign Up And Order Your First Surprise Bag

Getting started with TGTG is pretty simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the app on iOS and Android.
  2. Check out participating restaurants and eateries nearby
  3. Once you’ve made your choice, reserve your surprise bag.
  4. Follow the specified pickup window, usually around the establishment’s closing time.

Remember, you’ll never know what you’ll get. So, while you may know the restaurant, the exact food items are a total mystery until you open that bag!

Too Good To Go: Pros And Cons


  • Get some tasty food at a third of the price
  • Help reduce food waste and support a cleaner planet
  • Tons of eateries to choose from depending on where you live
  • Use it anywhere you travel to


  • You may not like what you get
  • Popular spots run out quickly, so you need to keep an eye out for listings
  • The pickup hours may be too late for some

The Bottom Line

Too Good To Go is the perfect blend of cost-cutting and environmental consciousness.

Besides allowing us to sample many restaurants at a cheaper price, the app gives us a practical solution to keep waste out of our landfills.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a tasty, budget-friendly meal, why not give TGTG a try? Download the app today!

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