Win a Free, 72-Hour, Off-The-Grid Vacation From This Challenge

A cabin on a hill in the woods
Lili Kovac | Unsplash

Aren’t you just dying to get away? Like, REALLY get away? Imagine a vacation that isn’t only physical but also mindful, and helps you actually find some peace and quiet without the daily distractions of screens and tech. That’s what Trips to Discover is offering through the 2021 Refresh Challenge.

“It’s hard to fight the urge to keep on ‘doomscrolling,’ and your mental health surely pays the price,” the challenge webpage says. “At Trips to Discover, we think a little break from digital devices for some peace and quiet will do the mind and body good.”

The challenge will send you to a remote Airbnb for three days with no tech. Up for it? Here’s how to enter.

The 2021 Refresh Challenge  

Applying for the Refresh Challenge shouldn’t take much more than 10 minutes. All the personal info you need to include is your name, email, city, and birthday. In addition, the form asks why you want to “unplug,” and how you expect the trip will impact your state of mind.

If you win, Trips to Discover will reach out with a list of secluded Airbnbs in your area, but you make the final call on where you spend your getaway. Once you arrive at your place, you need to spend 72 hours there under the following conditions:

  • All electronics must be left in the car
  • Keep a journal of your experience and complete a mindfulness exercise daily
  • Take pictures with a (free) single-use camera

Even after you’ve stashed all your gadgets in the car, Trips to Discover also asks that you refrain from using any screens already in the Airbnb too. After all, if you could just flip on Netflix as soon as you get inside it would defeat the point!

In addition to the three-night stay at an Airbnb, the company will also give you a $200 gas stipend, a free single-use camera, a shipment of snacks, and a $200 bonus for finishing the trip. You’ll also be interviewed about your experience when it’s finished. All in all, Trips to Discover values the prize package has at $2,021(*wink) if you succeed.

The challenge is open to U.S. residents 18 or older, and the application closes at 11:59 PM EST on January 31st. Individuals, couples, and families can apply. If you think you can handle an off-the-grid getaway, apply for three days of bliss and peace here!