Yelp is Giving Out $2K Payments to Help Young Adults Re-Empty the Nest

A young woman moving boxes
Andrea Piacquadio

Since the start of the year, there’s been a serious uptick in the number of young adults living with their parents. In January, 46 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds reported living with one or more parents. By the summer, that number jumped to 52 percent, according to Pew Research Center.

Many young adults lost jobs or wages and were forced to move back home, or needed to take care of a parent. Others were relocated from a college campus and still in flux. Regardless, the coronavirus pandemic has driven the percent of young adults living with their parents to an all-time high.

To help young adults fly the coop and help parents empty the nest once again, Yelp is issuing some people $2,000 gift cards to cover some expenses of a move. Entering for a chance to win is easy, and can help get you or your kids back on the right financial track!

Yelp Re-Empty the Nest Giveaway

“If you’ve found yourself moving back to your childhood home and are ready to get back out on your own, or if you’re a parent with an adult child living at home and you’re ready to get back to your empty-nest lifestyle, Yelp wants to help you ‘Re-Empty the Nest’ by easing the financial stress that can often come with a move,” according to the giveaway site.

To enter, you must request a quote from a local business on Yelp for some home service. Once you get a quote, screenshot it and upload it here, along with your name, email address, and a statement about why you want Yelp’s help.

Ten applicants will win $2,000 that can be used toward moving-related expenses. Yelp will also help connect you with any professionals you might need to help you – movers, cleaners, or anything else.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and live in the continental U.S. In addition, you must either be a child at home with your parents or a parent with a young adult in your house. Lastly, you must have a Yelp account to be considered. You can check out the full giveaway rules here.

Entries will be accepted until October 30th, so get yours in now! 

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