The First-Ever Acorns Career Day is October 29th

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Acorns, one of today’s most popular microinvesting and saving apps, is looking to help job seekers find a new role. The company is hosting a career day on October 29th, the first-ever Acorns job event. Although the platform is typically about helping people save, Acorns knows that one great way to boost your savings is to boost your earnings.

At the event, job seekers will get advice from senior hiring managers, recruiters, and executives. Although this is the first Career Day Acorns has ever hosted, it seems well primed to be a success.

Acorns’ 2020 Career Day

Acorns’ Career Day will last from 9:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Pacific on the 29th. The day will be filled with events, presentations, and resources provided by the company’s senior management team. The day kicks off with a Q&A with Acorns CEO Noah Kerner and features panels hosted by the company’s Chief Community Officer, Senior Manager of Talent Development, and more.

You can view the event schedule and reserve a spot online. The event is entirely virtual, so you can access everything from your computer. Signing up is free, but spots are limited for each session. Lock in your place for anything that interests you as soon as you can! To register, all you need to provide is your name and email address.

Earlier this month, the company also launched a job finder, showing how committed the company is to help out of work Americans.

“Acorns has always empowered people with tools to save, invest and achieve financial wellness,” CEO Noah Kerner said in a statement. “Now through Jobs, we’re helping Americans find work so they can achieve their financial goals. When you earn more, you save and invest more.”

With a little guidance, your job search “acorn” could be a mighty oak in no time. Good luck!