Your Guide to Rocking Labor Day Celebrations on a Budget

While Labor Day may be a holiday that rewards Americans for their hard work every day, it’s also the time of the year that signals the end of the summer, the beginning of cooler weather, and the season of giving. It’s also the time of year that reminds us that school is in full swing. Let’s face it — Labor Day can be bittersweet. That’s why it’s important to celebrate it the right way. But with the season of giving growing closer upon us, we shouldn’t go crazy with it either.

So, if you’re wanting to know how to enjoy your Labor Day without breaking the bank, check out the rest of this post.

Budget-Friendly Ways To Enjoy Labor Day

Here is our shortlist of some great, affordable ways to spend this long holiday weekend:

1. Host a Tailgate Potluck

By this time of the year, football is back in season, and Labor Day is the perfect time to remind everyone of that. Plan a block event during a weekend game and host a potluck tailgate. Whether it’s college or pre-season professional games, football is football, and true fans wouldn’t dare miss this opportunity. There is something for everyone to watch and something that everyone can bring. That takes all the spending off of you and makes it a real block party.

2. Coordinate an Outdoor Movie Night

Going to the movies can be expensive, but hosting a movie night in your backyard is extremely affordable. Throw the projector on the wall or a large screen and add some pillow cushions and blankets. Next, string lights and pop some kernels for special effects — and you’ve got a great way to spend the Labor Day Weekend without all the spending.

3. Plan a Staycation

Rather than taking a trip away from home, plan a staycation. Consider attractions close by that you never take the time to enjoy, and plan them for the weekend. From museums to the zoo, there are so many things to explore right at home that can save money and allow quality time with the family.

4. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great event to plan for inside, outdoors or a combination of the two. Pull together clues and hints of items for your family to scout for — this can be fun for everyone involved. Turn it into a party by providing some snacks and drinks along the way. You’ll have fun setting it up, and they’ll enjoy it for hours.

5. Go Camping

Get lost in life’s simple pleasures by experiencing a family camping trip. Enjoy nature, save money, and spend time bonding doing simple things like hiking, biking, or fishing. Don’t forget to cook up s’mores and tell fun ghostly stories around the campfire.

6. Organize a Bonfire

This one never gets old. The fun shouldn’t stop because you’re no longer in school. Adults love bonfires, too. Get all the old friends together and go back down memory lane while telling stories at the bonfire. Toast marshmallows around the fire, play music, and take in the end of summer, enjoying the fondest of memories.

7. Visit Local Parks

Relax at the park this Labor Day! Enjoy the fresh air, relax on the park bench, and take the kids to the playground. Enjoying and appreciating the environment is something to savor and can be an affordable way to spend the holiday weekend.

8. Set Up the Sprinklers

Talk about fun — if your family includes a lot of kids, nothing beats this for fun. It doesn’t cost a lot to do, and the best part is they’ll be so enthused by the sprinklers that they won’t ask to do other activities that could be costly. Add some snacks and cold drinks to the mix, and you’ve got a great, inexpensive way to spend Labor Day.

9. Catch a Sale

Labor Day is a great time to catch some of your favorite items on sale. Not only that, but you can finish off your back-to-school list or start purchasing items for the season of giving. Either way, it’s a win.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to enjoy the Labor Day holiday without breaking the bank. If that’s your end goal, start with our shortlist — you’ll be glad you did.