Here’s Your Zodiac Sign’s Best Money-Making App for 2022

Disclosure: We’re letting you know that this post contains sponsored links which The Smart Wallet receives compensation for, which may impact their order of appearance because talking about money should always be an honest discussion.

Whether you wholeheartedly believe in astrology or think it’s just fun pseudoscience, there is an undeniable attraction towards any type of guidance or meaning in our lives.

It helps validate ourselves and paints a picture of where we fit in the world. As well as how we get along with other people.

So hi, I’m a Taurus, nice to meet you. 🙂

Just like how certain relationships can mesh well with specific signs, there are fun money-making apps that can speak to your inner astrological self. As everyone is unique, you’ll probably like more than one app on this list, so feel free to branch out!

1. Air Signs Aquarius and Libra Can Get Paid Listening to Music

These fellow air signs share a love for intellect, freedom, and social activities.

Aquarians also tend to be impatient and unpredictable, while Libras, get burnt out easily when trying to make the right decisions.

Both signs can benefit from experiencing Current, a free Google Play app that literally pays you to listen to music and play games. The more music played, the more you can earn points to redeem for cash, gift cards, and rewards.

Choose (or randomly play) from 100,000+ radio stations worldwide to discover new music or revisit your favorite artists. This can be fun for Aquarian’s unpredictable nature and can soothe Libras’ burnt-out feelings. Even better, you can earn up to $600/year just by listening to music and playing games on the free app.

Refer friends to get up to $250 and 5% of their music earnings for life too! This is the perfect mood booster.

2. Water Sign Pisces Can Lift Their Moods by Playing Games (+ Get Paid)

Those born under Pisces can often feel pulled in many directions as they have a strong desire to help due to their selflessness. They are the most sensitive of all zodiacs.

However, they can become mentally exhausted and moody when too much is requested of them, so it’s important to de-stress with rest and relaxation.

Playing games and earning cash in the free app, Cash ‘Em All, can lift Pisces’ moods as well as appeal to the laziness side of them. Choose what free games you want to play in the app, and get paid for your time.

A welcome bonus is yours immediately too when you sign in.  (Worth 50 cents!) If you’re impatient, you can cash out as low as $1 as well.

3. Fire Sign Aries Can Earn Hundreds of Gift Cards Competing for Rewards

Aries folks have a ton of energy, are passionate, motivated, and honest.

Their competitive drive can both be positive and negative depending on the situation.  Work it to your advantage with Rewarded Play, a free app that could help you earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards to legit places like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and more.

There’s no limit on how much you can earn and the more you play, the more rewards you could get.

Sure, it’s not a million dollars. But it’s better than wasting time with games that don’t pay. Download the app for free here, and start stacking up the gift cards.

4. Earn Signs Taurus & Capricorn Get Paid Just by Using Their Lock Screen

Fellow earth signs Tauruses and Capricorns share core traits of appreciation for routine, hard work, and being realistic.

Since both signs are fine with the slow & steady approach, they can benefit from using S’more where you get paid every day you unlock your Android. It’s even easier than it sounds, and you can cash out with as little as $1 or accrue for an even more satisfying amount.

Earn free gift cards by using your lock screen, watching videos, shopping, and even trying out apps. Just use your Android normally, and your earnings will apply daily!

5. Air Sign Gemini Can Get Paid Spending (More) Time on Their Phone 

Geminis are extremely intelligent and can analyze situations to quickly deal with many types of people. Their adaptable nature can cause them to use too much brainpower though, and being around people who are super negative drains them.

Since Geminis also get bored pretty easily, they can use PlayKarma, a free app that pays you to use your phone for games. 

It literally takes minutes after the quick signup to earn a free gift card. There are lots of freebie points to start and you’ll earn DOUBLE POINTS on weekends and random weekdays.

You’ll also get 1,500 welcome points just for installing PlayKarma – which gets you more than halfway to your first PayPal cash or gift cards to Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more!

6. Water Sign Cancer Can Easily Earn from Home, their Happy Place

Caring Cancers.

Since they’re so devoted to family and friends and are so empathetic, Cancers sympathize to such a point that they basically feel the same emotions as their loved ones. Those emotions on top of their own feelings can get overwhelming.

Rest at home, your happy place, and make money at the same time with KashKick, a free app that gives cash rewards just by answering surveys, playing games, shopping, and more. Things that you were already going to do (but will now get paid for).

Earn up to $25 for each mission completion! There’s also a sweet referral program that rewards you with 25% of your friends’ earnings if they sign up through you.

7. Fire Sign Leo Can Earn an Extra $300/Month For Giving Their Opinions

Glamorous Leos are natural-born leaders, honest, compassionate, and love to bask in the spotlight.

They also tend to be control freaks, which can put unnecessary stress on their lives. Spin that desire to control into something positive (like making money) by joining Branded Surveys, a free site that pays you for your time and honest opinions. 

You’ll earn points to redeem for Paypal cash and gift cards like Amazon, Apple, Chipotle, AMC, and more. Active members can earn an extra $300/month!

Branded Surveys have already paid out $17 million so far and there’s no limit to how many surveys you can take. Sign up now and get a $1 welcome bonus!

8. Earth Sign Virgo Can Reliably Earn Fun Money Using this App 

Thoughtful Virgos are hard-working, creative, affectionate, and kind.

They are also over-thinkers and are hypercritical about themselves and other people. Since Virgos can easily get frustrated, we’re not suggesting any games to make money.

Instead, you can join SurveyTime, because what makes them different from others, is that you’ll instantly get paid $1 after each survey completion. No waiting around to accrue at least $15 to cash out, you can get paid right after!

There’s no limit, so you can take as many surveys as you want available. You can choose between Target, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards, PayPal, or Bitcoin via Coinbase. It’s free & easy to start. After signing up, check your confirmation email, and answer a few introductory questions.

9. Water Sign Scorpio Can Earn An Extra $500 With Low Effort

Determined Scorpios are brave, loyal, magnetic, and independent.

They also tend to be pretty mysterious and may not talk about their feelings much. Because of this, jealousy or betrayal feelings can manifest into revengeful thoughts.

Distract yourself from dark thoughts with the opportunity to make money from Swagbucks, a free rewards program where you can earn cash for your time and opinion with surveys, reading articles, watching videos, and playing games. They’ve already paid out over $550 million so far!

New members can get a free $5 just for signing up. Members that use Swagbucks regularly (not every day) have earned over $500/year with minimal effort!

10. Fire Sign Sagittarius Can Get Paid Up To $225/Month Watching Viral Videos

The philosophical Sagittarius are lively, lovers of freedom, spontaneous, funny, and can tie with a Gemini for being great conversationalists.

They are prone to exaggerating things though, make promises they can’t keep and are the most impatient of all the zodiacs. We think the perfect app for impatient Sags will be Inbox Dollars, since who wouldn’t want to watch viral videos and get paid up to $225 a month? 

The company has been around since 2000 and is one of the most trusted survey sites with fun, multiple ways to earn extra cash that sets them apart from the others.

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