The Best Things to Buy in October

Pair of feet in cozy grey socks with fall decor around including pumpkin and coffee

Summer is officially over, and fall is here to stay. As the weather starts to turn cold, there are still plenty of red hot deals you can capitalize on this month. Here are the best things to buy in October if you’re looking to save some money.

1. Halloween Stuff

Technically November is the best time to buy Halloween costumes and supplies since prices will be at their lowest right after the holiday. However, storing fake cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, and tombstones around your house for 11 months might raise some eyebrows. Plus, the deals leading up to Halloween are usually good enough that you can buy before the 31st with no remorse.

Whether you need an outfit, candy, or decorations, most stores offer serious Halloween discounts throughout the month. If you can afford to wait, the deals will usually only get better closer to October 31st as companies look to sell all of their Halloween stock.

(Pro Tip: for extra savings, use these Macy’s coupons while shopping for Halloween decor and accessories!)

2. Denim

October is a great time to find deep discounts on back-to-school supplies, and denim clothes are often lumped into that category. Retailers stock shelves with jeans and jackets in August, and are left with plenty of denim in October. While prices were already low for school sales, denim prices drop even lower as fall and winter clothes are brought onto racks. Shopping for denim this month can help you land major savings and revamp your wardrobe for autumn!

3. Outdoor Furniture 

With summer 2021 officially behind us, items like patio furniture and grills aren’t exactly in high demand. As stores look to empty their summer stock and prep for the holiday sales season, you can find big discounts on any summer supplies.

Some of the biggest savings this month will come on grills, which are up to 60 percent off in some stores. However, you should have no problem finding recliners, tables, and more for your patio at well-below average prices.

4. Cars

The last quarter of the year is typically the prime time to buy a car. You can’t go wrong getting a new ride in October, November, or December, but we think October is the best time to search for a deal. Car dealerships have annual quotas that they really start to evaluate in Q4, meaning they’ll be more aggressive in offering deals and negotiating to lock down a sale. Shopping in October gives you access to these savings, and you’ll have a wider variety of cars to choose from compared to December.

The start of fall typically coincides with many automakers rolling out new models, which helps drive down costs on older vehicles. However, with the pandemic affecting worldwide shortages on both staff and production, there are fewer new cars in production keeping current model prices high. There is a global shortage of the semiconductor chip crucial for vehicles, so shoppers are also looking into used cards as well. Shopping earlier than later is key if you can’t wait.

5. Apple Products and Accessories

Apple has already rolled out its new iPhone 13 series. Much like with cars, this means that any older models instantly become cheaper. While it’s trendy to jump on the newest gadget, it’s frugal (and smart) to look at a model or two back to land a major discount.

For even greater savings, look into refurbished products, which are like new or previously owned products that have professionally been repaired and certified. It also typically comes with a warranty. These are safer options to purchase than “used” which aren’t certified. Apple has its own refurbished section and we also like Best Buy and Gazelle for extra choices.

6. Camping Gear

If you’re the outdoorsy type, Fall is probably one of your favorite seasons for the weather and natural beauty on display. It should also be your favorite for the massive discounts you can find on camping gear and outdoor supplies.

Dick’s is massively slashing prices on tents, grills, Camelbaks, and sleeping bags. Other outdoor lifestyle retailers like REI and Columbia offer similar savings since the demand for camping supplies usually dies down after summer.

7. Some Appliances

October is not the best month to shop if you’re looking for something big, like a fridge or a washing machine. The best savings on those kinds of appliances typically come around holidays, particularly Black Friday in recent years.

In October, small and mid-sized appliances are where you can find the biggest deals. Air conditioners are a great purchase this month, for instance, as stores look to clear their stock by winter. Kitchen appliances are typically a good bet for October as well, as retailers look to place new models on shelves.

In general, you can usually find decent deals around Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day (October 11th), but the savings are pretty light compared to other shopping holidays. While shopping around this month, take stock of anything you want to keep an eye on heading into Black Friday.

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