Free McDonald’s Food and 10 Menu Hacks You Have to Try

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“Bahdabahbahbah…I’m lovin’ it!” Everyone knows the catchy jingle, but did you know it was originally a manufactured hit song made famous by Justin Timberlake and later revealed by McDonald’s that it was part of their campaign all along? The first TV ad included Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, and rapper Pusha T making it the longest ad campaign ever, still running for 18 years now and counting.

Now that you know that fun fact, let’s get some free McDonald’s food.

Download the McDonald’s App for Instant Free Fries

There are so many freebies and great deals when you download the app that you just have to have it on your phone, even if you don’t go that often.

Here’s what new members will get:

  • Free large fries when you first download the app
  • Set up your Rewards code in the app (also free), and you’ll get a choice of free Hash Browns, Vanilla Cone, McChicken, OR a Cheeseburger after any first purchase.

If you’re like me and want to pick the most “expensive” option to get for free, then here’s the price breakdown based on my location in Orange County, California. (Prices may vary where you are)

Cheeseburger  $1.89
Vanilla Cone     $1.89
Hash Browns   $2.49
McChicken       $2.29

Based on price value alone, the Hash Browns would give me the best bang for my freebie choice, but if I had to pick, I’d go for the McChicken as I’d probably already have a side of fries.

But the rarest option would have to go to the Vanilla Cone. Why is their soft-serve machine seem ALWAYS to be broken? There’s an explanation for that, and Johnny Harris breaks it down below in a fascinating video:

More McDonald’s Food with Insane Deals

I think McDonald’s fries are the best (sorry, Five Guys) for fast food chains, and while they haven’t brought back the free medium fries every Friday, you can grab a Large Fries for just $1 (normally $3.99!) any day of the week, every week.

There are so many items on the McDonald’s McValue menu for $1+ you can pair your affordable fries with. A Cheeseburger. A BBQ Ranch Burger. THREE cookies. Mozzarella sticks. You get the idea.

And, if you want a full meal, you can get:

  • Free Medium Fries and Medium Drink with any Crispy Chicken Sandwich purchase

Move Over Starbucks

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I’m no coffee connoisseur. I don’t even drink that much caffeine, but I’ve heard numerous remarks from friends and online that McDonald’s coffee is pretty good.

They’re much cheaper than Starbucks, and it states on their site that their “Premium Roast Coffee is freshly brewed every 30 minutes,” so you’ll never get stale coffee.

And if you didn’t know, McDonald’s coffee beans are actually gourmet. Their supplier is Gaviña, 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. It’s also a medium roast, meaning you get more caffeine and a less bitter/burnt taste.

With the McDonald’s app, you can get this insane deal for their coffee:

  • 99 cents on ANY size Hot or Iced Coffee ANYTIME (1x/day)

With that price, you definitely won’t feel guilty going every day. And paired with free McDonald’s food? Score.

Be Sure to Use MyMcDonald’s Rewards Before Any Purchase

Every $15 spent will get you free food options

If you previously had the McCafé Rewards, they’re rolling everything up into their new MyMcDonald’s Rewards that are also part of the app.

It only takes a couple of taps in the app to get set up, and you’ll have a unique 4-digit code that you can give McDonald’s staff members, so they know to credit you with points with every purchase. Just hit the “Earn Points” part of the app to present the code before ordering. You can even link your credit card details to the included QR code to scan and pay easily.

You’ll earn 100 points for every $1 spent which you can then use to redeem for more free McDonald’s food

So basically, every $15 spent unlocks more free food!

Always Check the Deals Section

Every day their deals section in the app will update. If you don’t want to be tempted, don’t check as often, but if you’re already craving some McD’s, check this section first. It’s free McDonald’s food at a heavy discount.

Examples of Daily Deals from my app

10 McDonald’s Menu Hacks You Have to Try

McDonald’s prices generally aren’t all that expensive, but you can still find creative ways to cure that craving for cheap. We think these menu hacks are pretty awesome.

1. Poor Man’s Big Mac

Brand Eating

The signature Big Mac is $4.89 in my area, but you can get a copycat version for basically half the price by ordering the McDouble ($2.49) with extra lettuce and subbing out the ketchup/mustard with Big Mac sauce. There may be a slight add-on charge for the lettuce or sauce, but you’ll save yourself some calories, too, since this won’t have a third bun or second slice of cheese!

2. Fries with Big Mac Sauce

If you really like Big Mac sauce, request for the sauce to be on the side so you can dip your fries into it! Be sure to ask if there’s an upcharge in your area so you can be prepared.

3. Apple Pie à la mode

This one is pretty simple, get a warm apple pie and a plain soft-serve sundae. Dunk the pie in the sundae, break it up, and eat! The combination of warm apple goodness and chilled sweet soft serve is perfect for any time. You can also combine an apple pie with a McFlurry too!

@foodwithmichelMcDonald’s a la mode apple pie hack! #mcdonalds #mcdonaldshack #onvacation #summer♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

4. Iced Coffee Shake


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Super simple and delicious. Order a Chocolate Shake and a shot of espresso. Mix and enjoy! You can also do this with a Vanilla Shake if you don’t feel like chocolate! McAffogato, anyone?

5. Super Fresh Fries or Super Fresh Filet

If you order your fries “with no salt,” they’ll have to make a fresh batch. The same with a Filet-O-Fish, when you order “with no cheese.” They’ll have to make a fresh filet! If you’re willing to wait, it’ll take a little longer to make.

6. Order the Steamed Bun for Regular Burgers

The steamed bun that you get on the Filet-O-Fish is oddly satisfying. So smooth you want to pat it or poke at it. Or wish it’d give us the same skincare tips. If you always want this fluffy and soft bun, ask for a steamed bun replacement for your burgers!

7. McNuggets May Be Cheaper on the Dollar Menu

Don’t undermine the Dollar Menu. Depending on where you live and the prices, getting multiple orders of the McNuggets from the Dollar Menu may be cheaper than a “10-piece.” Just do a little calculation before blindly ordering, and you can feel satisfied to “beat” the menu if it works for your area.

8. Neopolitan Shake

A simple hack that’s super delicious. Just ask for a shake with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla all combined. It won’t look like a pretty Neopolitan shake with the visible layers (as they mix everything), but the taste will be there.

9. McFlurry Ice Cream Sandwich

Credit: N8 @nxthvniel_

I’ve spread vanilla soft serve on warm McDonald’s cookies before, but this takes it to another level. Order the Oreo McFlurry and cookies, hug them tightly, and bam. A messy but extremely delicious dessert.

10. Hash Brown McMuffin

McDonald’s took some fan favorites and added them to their menu!

Who says you have to eat your hash browns separately? Slide in that crispy goodness between your McMuffin buns, and you’ve got a more efficient (and delicious) way to enjoy your breakfast sandwich.

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  1. Head over to Flash Rewards and fill out basic info (Email, Name, etc.)
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You won’t be rewarded if you don’t complete the required amount of deals. Sure, it takes a little more effort, but it’s legit. Get your $500!

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