How to Get a $750 Haul to Fashion Nova, SHEIN, Princess Polly & ROMWE

Disclosure: We’re letting you know this post contains information about The Smart Wallet’s sister website, Flash Rewards. The Smart Wallet & Flash Rewards are owned by the same parent company and the author is a Smart Wallet employee

It’s time for that hot girl summer and you’ll need a banging wardrobe to keep up with all the plans you’re making. You gotta make up for last year, right?

But you gotta have the funds for that haul and maybe, your bank account is looking a little lean or you want the best of both worlds. Affordable but trendy clothing that just looks like a million bucks.

This is where Flash Rewards steps in by offering a $750 reward to your favorite fashion retailer below. 

PRO-TIP: You absolutely and legitimately can get $750 for your fashion haul but you have to follow the instructions carefully!

Flash Rewards work by showing you “deals” they think you would like. This includes mobile apps and games, subscriptions, financial services, etc. Each type of deal you choose has its own mini task to complete.

  1. Pick your favorite retailer below and fill out basic info (Email, Name, etc.)
  2. Take a quick Survey (it helps them figure out what offers & deals to recommend you)
  3. See if any Offers interest you (optional)
  4. Important: Complete 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 8 Platinum deals to qualify/claim the reward!

You won’t get your reward if you don’t complete the required amount of deals. Sure, it takes a little more effort but it’s legit!

$750 to Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova store

Fashion Nova is famous (or infamous) for taking heavy inspiration from designers, and following closely what influencers wear to make their own affordable version that ranges from just $9 to $50. It takes them a speedy 24 hours to create their own prototype, photograph, and post for sale, making it easy for shoppers to keep up with the trends.

So if you’ve been eyeing some particular pieces on Instagram but don’t have the dough for it, chances are, Fashion Nova has it or will have it eventually making it a super affordable retailer. And you can get $750 to spend here if you participate in Flash Rewards.

$750 to SHEIN

SHEIN Pinterest

If you’ve ever wondered how to pronounce their name it’s SHE-IN since they were previously called She Inside. In 2020, SHEIN beat out Amazon in being the place to buy trendy clothing.

And it’s easy to see why! Their huge selection of sexy and casual clothes are low-cost and are inclusive of all body sizes which include XL to 4XL. Their strategy really hit when they targeted fashion trends on TikTok, creating look-alike clothing of whatever was popular. Micro-influencers also spread their brand as they get free products delivered every month. Now SHEIN is offering premium clothing with Katy Perry, Rita Ora, and Hailey Bieber collabs but still offers budget-priced clothing. If you love SHEIN, get $750 to spend there with Flash Rewards!

$750 to Princess Polly

TikTok Influencers page on Princess Polly’s site

Princess Polly is Australia’s best online fashion site and now it’s hit the United States by storm with their TikTok Try-On Haul videos and micro-influencer army.

Plus, they blew up in popularly when Ariana Grande wore Princess Polly’s $74 asymmetrical straight-leg jeans. Like the other fashion retailers above, they have a dizzying array of clothing to choose from and with the $750 you can get from Flash Rewards, you can get a major haul to play with!

$750 to ROMWE

ROMWE is the sister site to SHEIN, (as you can tell from the 5-letter all capitalized name) but ROMWE offers even more affordable clothing. Out of this list, they are the lowest priced.

Items start at just $5 and you can get dresses for extremely affordable prices. For instance, dresses are around $30 when they can be $70+ at Zara or H&M. They also have home decor and household items to update your living space, so use that $750 from Flash Rewards to makeover your wardrobe and your home!

Again, follow the steps I outlined in the very beginning to ensure you get the full $750 for your future fashion haul. Happy shopping!