QuickThoughts: Share Your Opinions and Earn Rewards

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Ever thought of a hot take, opinion, or perspective that could make you a few extra bucks?

The internet is rife with so many opportunities for you to make some extra cash by answering surveys. Yet, the QuickThoughts app is certainly a cut above the rest.

Launched in 2013 and owned by Survey Sampling International, QuickThoughts app is now going mainstream and rewards users with gift cards for taking surveys or participating in shopping activities. Pretty cool!

How To Get Started On QuickThoughts

With a few taps, you can quickly become a QuickThoughts member. The app is free, user-friendly, highly accessible to customers, and easy to navigate on your smartphone, mobile device, or tablet. You’ll need to set up your account by providing some necessary information, such as your username, email, and password (more about this in a bit).

Before you can begin taking surveys, try to complete your profile. QuickThoughts also helps customize some of the surveys you can answer. Answering questions across multiple categories is key to getting the most suitable and appropriate surveys. The search results for the surveys you eventually take are often based on your profession, demographic, and location. Check out these dashboards below which explain more:

View of QuickThoughts Profile Dashboard | Shivani Ekkanath


View of QuickThoughts Questionnaire | Shivani Ekkanath

Once you access your dashboard, you can ‘find surveys’ and begin answering different survey questions.

Fortunately, QuickThoughts is a lot more efficient because it doesn’t waste your time. The app will only show you the surveys you qualify for the most by filtering your options.

How Does QuickThoughts Work?

Get a Few Quick Bucks!

You can pick from many surveys and polls including short surveys, in-depth questionnaires, or even real-life GPS-based activities to earn gift cards at your favorite stores!

The location-based activities are largely dependent on where you live which can, in turn, also dictate the kinds of opportunities survey respondents like yourself might receive. These can include taking in-store polls, checking into a store, or taking pictures of a display. QuickThoughts pays out rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards from either Amazon or Apple.

While you might have to answer a few qualifying questions before you begin your survey, you can still get $0.10 if you’re not eligible. As I mentioned earlier, this won’t happen too often, but it’s a possibility. In this case, the app will also point you toward alternative surveys you might be eligible for, instead. Most surveys pay between $0.50 – $3 on average. These are higher payouts when compared to similar survey apps, and take about 5-30 minutes to complete from start to finish. Remember that surveys are often very fleeting and may close out quickly!

“I cash out $10 almost daily! If you need a couple of extra bucks, this one is worth the time and effort.” – Sue C.

How To Redeem Your Rewards On QuickThoughts

You can earn Amazon and Apple gift card codes when you complete surveys. Once you earn $10 in your account, you can request a code! With so many options for surveys and activities, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to the $10 minimum to cash out.

View of QuickThoughts Rewards | Shivani Ekkanath

The Bottom Line

QuickThoughts is a unique platform that only continues to grow and expand. With thousands of online survey sources, there’s a steady and constant stream of surveys available. The QuickThoughts platform is also trying to diversify the existing survey app market and so far it’s quite successful.

So why not make your opinion count and make a difference in the products and services that interest you: sign up for QuickThoughts today!

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